Grand Battery casinos

Grand Battery Casinos

Grand Battery Casinos brands include Nutty Bingo, Tasty Bingo, Loadsa Bingo and Mint Bingo. Grand Battery Casinos is also known as Grand Battery Holdings Limited, licence number 58267 which operates 50 active sites, 160 white labels and 25 inactive brands. This is 235 online casinos in total.

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Official Grand Battery Casinos

888 Bingo
888 Ladies
Amber Spins
Arcade Spins
BBQ Bingo
Beatle Bingo
Bid Bingo
Bingo All Stars
Bingo Barmy
Bingo Hollywood
Bingo Ireland
Bingo Storm
Bingo Street
BJs Bingo
Blighty Bingo
Bonnie Bingo
Bubble Bonus Bingo
Bucky Bingo
Bumble Bingo
Butterfly Bingo
Celeb Bingo
Chit Chat Bingo
Costa Bingo
Costa Games
Dabber Bingo
Daisy Bingo
Dazzle Bingo
Dinky Bingo
Duck Duck Bingo
Electric Spins
Fancy Bingo
Fantastic Spins
Farmyard Bingo
Fortune Fiesta
Frozen Bingo
Fruity Vegas
Giant Spins
Health Games
Hippo Bingo
Hunky Bingo
Jazzy Spins
Katies Bingo
Loadsa Bingo
Love Hearts Bingo
Majestic Bingo
Mint Bingo
Nutty Bingo
Oink Bingo
Pink Ribbon Bingo
Polo Bingo
Posh Bingo
Prize Land Bingo
Quality Bingo
Queen Bee Bingo
Red Bus Bingo
Rise Casino
Ruby Riches
Safari Bingo
Sailor Bingo
Secret Slots
Sing Bingo
Slot Crazy
Spy Bingo
Sugar Bingo
Tasty Bingo
Ted Bingo
Total Gold
Two Fat Ladies
UK Bingo
Vegas Spins
Velvet Bingo
Velvet Slots
Viva Fortunes
Wicked Jackpots
Wink Bingo
Wink Slots
Wish Bingo
Woman Bingo
Xl Casino
Yay Bingo
Zoes Bingo
City Bingo
Chat Mag Bingo
Cherry Wins
Robin Hood Bingo
Womans Own Bingo
Isle of Bingo
Jackpot Liner
Pick me up Bingo
Slot Ranch
We Want Bingo
Aloha Slots
Booty Bingo
Dublin Wins
Genie Riches
Glitter Bingo
Gossip Bingo
Irish Spins
Jackpot Cafe
King Jackpot
Lippy Bingo
Loony Bingo
Lucky Pence
Moon Bingo
Neon Bingo
Slots of Dosh

Grand Battery Holdings Limited Information

grand battery casinos screenshot

Who are Grand Battery Holdings Limited?

The question of who and what Grand Battery Holdings Limited are is a much bigger one than you might initially have suspected when you came to this page. From a technical standpoint, Grand Battery Holdings Limited didn’t exist until 2022. To those who hadn’t been keeping up to date with the latest news in the iGaming world, the arrival of this operator on the scene, seemingly overnight, with a portfolio of more than two hundred casinos and bingo sites to its name, came as an enormous shock.

Even from that brief introductory paragraph, it’s obvious that there’s far more to Grand Battery Holdings Limited than meets the eye. It’s impossible for a casino network company to simply appear on the scene with two hundred sites ready to go, so common sense tells you that something else must have happened. Something else did indeed happen, but it’s a long and fairly complicated story. We’ll take you back to the start of it now.

888 Ways to Leave the Bingo Industry

You might not have heard of Grand Battery Holdings Limited until fairly recently, but you’ll certainly have heard of the 888 Group before. It’s a world-famous betting and iGaming company which grows bigger with every passing year, and it trades in our domestic market as 888 UK Limited. For most of the past decade, 888 UK Limited operated more than two hundred bingo sites, many of which were run on a white-label basis on the Dragonfish platform. Some of the most famous bingo sites on the 888 UK Limited platform included Costa Bingo, Pick Me Up Bingo, and the self-branded sites 888 Bingo and 888 Ladies.

Several of the 888 UK Limited bingo brands performed very well for 888 over a great many years. If you have a long memory and you pay attention to such things, you might recall brands like Costa Bingo and Costa Games being advertised on television. At one point, Mel “Scary Spice” Brown was the official Costa brand ambassador. Those days are over, and they’re probably never coming back. As the years tumbled by, 888 became less and less interested in bingo. Opportunities were opening up in the United States of America for the operator to expand its sports betting brands over there, and so bingo fell to the bottom of the agenda.

In 2021, the 888 Group decided it wanted to get out of the bingo business for good and focus solely on a few of its very best casino sites (888 Casino and 777 Casino) plus its core sports brand, 888 Sport. Everything else was no longer a priority, and so everything else was placed up for sale. The whole package of sites, including every single 888 bingo brand plus a few lesser-known slots and casino sites, came up for auction towards the end of the year. If you think we’re about to tell you that the winner of the auction was Grand Battery Holdings Limited, you’re wrong; Grand Battery Holdings Limited didn’t even exist yet.

Auction Winners

Not all of the brands included in the 888 UK Limited sale were of equal value. There are quite a few stinkers in there, and recent times have seen Grand Battery Holdings Limited shut down some of the worst-performing sites on its platform. As we said above, though, the sites weren’t yet in the hands of Grand Battery Holdings Limited for those closures to take place. The high profile of some of the brands involved in the sale meant that there were plenty of interested parties when the sale took place, but there could only be one winner. That winner was Broadway Gaming Limited of Dublin, Ireland.

The price agreed for the former 888 UK Limited casinos and bingo sites was £38m. That’s a significant amount of money, but it’s less than quite a few analysts expected the package of sites to fetch. Broadway was presumably delighted to acquire the assets at a price below what many people believed to be the market rate and immediately looked like a good fit for the sites. Broadway is, after all, a reasonably well-known bingo company. Glossy Bingo, Butler’s Bingo and Dotty Bingo are all owned and operated by Broadway Gaming Limited already, so the company had extensive bingo experience and would presumably know precisely what to do with the new sites. Rather than adding the entire package to its existing UK Gambling Commission licence, though, Broadway Gaming chose to go in an entirely different direction.

The Creation of Grand Battery Holdings

When Broadway Gaming Limited won the auction and picked up all of those iGaming sites, it had a spotless UK Gambling Commission record. It still has a spotless UK Gambling Commission record today. Adding the former 888 casinos and bingo sites to that licence would be an enormous risk. Broadway wouldn’t have the opportunity to run through the sites with a fine-toothed comb before acquiring them, and so if it turned out that any of the purchased sites had pre-existing issues – the kind of issues that might attract regulatory action from the UK Gambling Commission – Broadway would be held responsible and, potentially, blindsided. Instead of inviting that risk, Broadway came up with a creative solution. It created Grand Battery Holdings Limited instead.

To all intents and purposes, Grand Battery Holdings Limited and Broadway Gaming Limited are the same company. They’re based at the same address in Dublin, and anyone who’s listed as a director or officer at Grand Battery Holdings is also listed as a director or officer of Broadway Gaming. Grand Battery Holdings Limited is little more than a shell company, but that didn’t stop it from getting a UK Gambling Commission licence of its very own shortly after it was created. With that done, Broadway Gaming Limited was able to safely hand over the former 888 UK Limited iGaming sites to Broadway and have them listed on that new licence instead. That way, if anything did ever go wrong, Broadway Gaming would be sheltered from it. Grand Battery Holdings isn’t so much a casino network company as it is a bullet shield – but it’s a very clever bullet shield.

Grand Battery Holdings Limited and the UKGC

We’ve mentioned a couple of times in the passages above that Grand Battery Holdings Limited holds a UK Gambling Commission licence, so that shouldn’t be news to you. When the licence was first awarded in February 2022, it covered a sum total of 241 iGaming sites. It’s since closed down 75 of those sites, with the possibility of more to follow. Having initially been tasked with “looking after” the sites from a regulatory point of view, it seems that the next duty of Grand Battery Holdings Limited is to dispense with the ones that aren’t worth keeping. More may follow in the future. In the meantime, the licence it holds with the regulator remains clean.

The Top Grand Battery Holdings Limited Sites

888 Ladies

888 Ladies logo

When 888 UK Limited said it was prepared to part with all of its bingo sites, everybody assumed there would be exceptions. To be more specific, everybody assumed that 888 Ladies would be an exception. It was unthinkable that one of the 888-branded iGaming sites – and one of the best-known ones, at that – would end up in the hands of a casino network company. The presumption was that if the 888 Group didn’t want it, they would simply close it down. They didn’t do it. 888 Ladies is now in the hands of Grand Battery Holdings Limited.

Grand Battery Holdings’ approach to becoming the new custodian of 888 Ladies has been a very sensible one – it’s elected not to change anything. The site likes exactly as it did when it was still in the hands of its previous owners and offers many of the same promotions. The motto at 888 Ladies is the same now as it was then; “Every day is ladies’ day.” You don’t actually have to be female to play at 888 LAdies – nobody’s going to check on the door – and there are also slots and other casino games here if all the bingo gets a little dull after a while.

888 Bingo

888 Bingo logo

In some ways, we could copy and paste what we’ve just said about 888 Ladies and apply it to 888 Bingo. It was another one of its former operator’s core brands, and it’s a major shock that it was allowed to change hands – especially when the 888 logo is still so prominently displayed on it. 888 Bingo never had quite the standing of 888 Ladies, though. It was a badly dated-looking site by the time that 888 UK Limited decided to part ways with it, and it hasn’t got any prettier to look at since.

888 Bingo could cope with looking a little shabby back when it had access to the full portfolio of exclusive bingo games and rooms that its former operator provided. It’s not quite so easy now that it doesn’t have access to those games anymore. Grand Battery Holdings Limited has done its best to source replacements, but there are noticeably fewer bingo rooms at the site now than there were before the change of ownership. Slots have also been added to 888 Bingo, which waters down its focus somewhat. It was on a downward trend already, and switching operators feels like it’s accelerated that process.

Wink Slots


Nearly every single one of the sites that changed hands between 888 UK Limited and Broadway Gaming Limited (and, subsequently, Grand Battery Holdings Limited) was a bingo site. However, “nearly” does not mean “all.” A few unwanted online casinos also changed hands; 888 kept hold of 888 Casino and 777 Casino, but it let go of Wink Slots, which had previously been a strong performer for the operator. 888’s loss was Grand Battery Holdings’ gain, though, as Wink Slots shows every sign of being just as strong a performer for its new owners.

Wink Slots is a twin site of Wink Bingo, which we’ll be getting to in a moment. As was the case with 888 Ladies, Grand Battery Holdings Limited hasn’t changed anything significant about the Wink Slots website. It’s sometimes struggled to replace the bingo content that used to be available at the bingo sites on the platform, but it’s had no such difficulty replacing the slots. Some Wink Slots players may not even have noticed the handover take place.

Wink Bingo


Even taking into account the presence of 888 Bingo and 888 Ladies, there’s always been an argument that Wink Bingo was the best pure bingo site on this platform, whether we’re talking about 888 UK Limited or its new home on the Grand Battery Holdings Limited platform. It’s comfortably the prettiest of any of the sites on the network, with a high-quality comic book approach that evokes, deliberately, the style of the girls’ magazines and comics of the 1990s. Like 888 Ladies, it’s an iGaming site designed for female players. Also like 888 Ladies, you don’t have to be female to play here.

The very best bingo rooms available to Grand Battery Holdings Limited can all be found at Wink Bingo. Quite why the same rooms haven’t been made available to 888 Bingo is beyond us, but that’s the way this particular cookie has crumbled. We won’t criticise Wink Bingo for much because it’s an excellent iGaming site, but if we were going to nitpick anything, it’s the fact that there are now slots available on the site. That undermines the point of the existence of Wink Slots.

Costa Bingo

Costa Bingo logo

Costa Bingo is a shadow of what it once was. There was a brief period when it was more famous than any of the other bingo sites on the 888 UK Limited platform, and we include all of the sites we’ve mentioned above in that statement. It was advertised in a series of high-profile television commercials by former Spice Girl Mel B and welcomed thousands of players every day. That’s why it’s able to make boasts like “As Seen on TV” and “Trusted by More Than 900,000 Players Since 2009” on its homepage. 900,000 is an oddly-specific number to boast about, and it makes us wonder whether the total player count has stopped just short of one million. If so, we have concerns about it ever getting there.

The best casinos and iGaming sites on this network have remained popular because they’ve changed with the sites. Costa Bingo hasn’t done so. The way it looks now is largely the same as the way it looked in 2009 when it was still new, and that makes it look second-rate compared to the vast number of more advanced, modern-looking casinos out there. While the holiday theme of Costa Bingo still brings the site to life a little, and there’s a residual player base left over from the site’s glory days, it surely can’t persist for much longer looking like this. The past reputation of the site almost demands that Costa Bingo receives a makeover to extend its shelf life, but with Grand Battery Holdings Limited cutting underperforming sites left, right and centre, we don’t know whether that will ever happen. Costa Games appears to have died off, and Costa Bingo may not be far behind it.

Full list of Grand Battery Holdings Limited casinos