Broadway Gaming casinos

Broadway Gaming Casinos

Broadway Gaming Casinos brands include Butlers Bingo, Dotty Bingo, Casino Fantastico and Glossy Bingo. Broadway Gaming Casinos is also known as Broadway Gaming Limited, licence number 39075 which operates 8 active sites, 0 white labels and 2 inactive brands. This is 10 online casinos in total.

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Official Broadway Gaming Casinos

Bingo Diamond
Butlers Bingo
Casino Fantastico
Dotty Bingo
Glossy Bingo
Rosy Bingo

Broadway Gaming Limited Information

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Who are Broadway Gaming?

Broadway Gaming Limited, which is based in Ireland, is a far bigger iGaming company than it may initially appear to be. Looking at the UK Gambling Commission record of Broadway Gaming Limited tells you that the company currently owns and operates eight iGaming sites, all of which focus on bingo. Eight is a fair-enough number, but it’s nowhere near the full extent of all the sites that Broadway is technically responsible for.

Through Grand Battery Holdings Limited, which is wholly owned by Broadway Gaming Limited and operates from the same address in Dublin, Broadway Gaming actually has a portfolio of more than one hundred iGaming sites, including plenty more bingo sites and quite a few casinos, too. Why are those additional sites hidden away behind a trading style? How did the portfolio swell to such an enormous size? Read on to find out.

An overview of Broadway Gaming

This casino network company has been promising us a brand-new customer-facing website for quite a long time now, but it appears to be no closer to arriving than it was when the pop-up first appeared on its existing business website more than a year ago. When the new website does eventually turn up, we hope it provides much more detail about the background of Broadway Gaming Limited than the current one, as it’s more than a little scant on details. However, there are a few details we’re able to share with you.

The story of Broadway Gaming Limited began in 2010, which is when the company was founded, and also the year it launched its first iGaming site, Butler’s Bingo. For a long time, Butler’s Bingo was considered the flagship bingo site of Broadway Gaming. We suppose that it technically still is, but all of the bingo sites under the Broadway Gaming banner currently look virtually identical thanks to a questionable decision to switch them all to an identical template-based look a couple of years ago. Butler’s Bingo used to be special, but now it’s virtually indistinguishable from the other sites Broadway directly operates.

Slow and steady progress

For three years, Butler’s Bingo was the only site that Broadway Gaming Limited operated. That changed in February 2013 with the launch of Glossy Bingo. Having developed those two brands in-house, Broadway Gaming decided that the time was right to start bringing in additional brands from elsewhere. Rosy Bingo was acquired from another operator in January 2014, with Dotty Bingo following suit later the same year, and Bingo Diamond added to the pack in August 2015.

Up until that point, every iGaming site that Broadway Gaming Limited had either built or acquired from elsewhere was a bingo site. In November 2015, the company tried something new by making a slots-driven online casino – Casino of Dreams. In truth, it hasn’t been a great success for the company, but that didn’t stop them from following it up with another in the shape of Casino Fantastico.

Launching Grand Battery Holdings Limited

Everything changed forever for Broadway Gaming Limited in July 2022 when the company agreed to acquire the enormous Dragonfish Bingo platform. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of Dragonfish – you’ll likely know it by a different name. The whole platform was previously owned by 888 Holdings, so the sale of the Dragonfish Bingo platform was actually 888 UK Limited choosing to get out of the bingo business – a business that had previously treated the operator very well. There were strategic reasons for the move – 888 wanted to get more involved in sports betting and explore the US sports betting market, so bingo had become a distraction it didn’t need.

Having completed the deal for a surprisingly low sum of £38m and becoming the largest independent online bingo operator in the UK by doing so, Broadway Gaming Limited had to decide what to do with its newly-won assets. There were two options; it could either add all two hundred of the newly-acquired sites to its existing UKGC licence, or it could set up a new company to hold onto them. Adding so many casinos and bingo sites to its existing licence would have been a risky move for Broadway Gaming Limited – its licence with the regulator is clean, and it would very much like to keep it that way. There was a risk that some or even all of the iGaming sites coming in from the 888 Group might have pre-existing issues that might later lead to regulatory action.

To guard against that threat, Broadway Gaming Limited launched Grand Battery Holdings Limited as a new subsidiary company, with Grand Battery Holdings acquiring a UK Gambling Commission licence of its own and formally taking over the running of the sites in February 2023. Look hard at the footer of any of the Grand Battery Holdings Limited sites, and you’ll find a single line of text confirming that they belong to the Broadway Gaming Group. The sites include big names like 888 Bingo, 888 Ladies, Costa Bingo and Costa Games, but we don’t consider them “true” sister sites of the original Broadway Gaming Limited sites because of the fact that they’re listed under a different licence.

Broadway Gaming Limited and the UKGC

We’ve touched on this above, but for the sake of clarity, we should confirm that Broadway Gaming Limited has the benefit of a full and valid licence from the UK Gambling Commission. It’s licence number 39075 and has been in force since the formation of the company in 2010 (although the current licence was issued in 2014). As of the time of writing, we’re pleased to report that Broadway Gaming Limited has no fines, suspensions, sanctions, warnings or other blemishes on its regulatory record. The company has a clean bill of health from a regulatory point of view and will be hoping to keep it that way.

The Top Broadway Gaming Limited Sites

Butlers Bingo

Butlers Bingo logo

We’ve put Butlers Bingo first in this list because, as we covered above, this is the brand that Broadway Gaming Limited built its reputation on. It was the first bingo site that the operator ever developed and has been online constantly since 2010. It’s also exceptionally well-reviewed on Trustpilot, which is a rarity for iGaming sites in broad and general terms but seems to be something that sites owned by Broadway Gaming Limited do exceptionally well with. With the exception of the casino sites on the platform, you’ll always find the latest reviews for the sites in the middle of the homepages.

The features you’ll find at Butlers Bingo typify the features that you’ll find at all the bingo-focused sites on this platform. That never used to be the case, but since the operator decided to give all of its iGaming sites a homogeneous look, they’re all essentially copies of each other. The similarities even extend to the promotions at the sites. Butlers Bingo offers a 100% matched deposit welcome promotion with a reasonable wagering requirement of x3 so long as you opt to use it on bingo rather than on slots (yes, slots are an option at Butlers Bingo), but you’ll find that exact same promotion at every site on this platform that has the word “bingo” in its name.

Glossy Bingo

Glossy Bingo logo

Given everything we’ve just told you about Butlers Bingo and the cloned nature of the bingo sites on this platform, what can we tell you about Glossy Bingo that will make it sound unique compared to its sister sites? Sadly, the answer to that question is “not much.” Although we’d argue that none of the redesigned, identikit sites look better than they did before they received their new looks, none of them have suffered worse for going through that process than Glossy Bingo.

Glossy Bingo used to have a unique and distinctive “glossy magazine” style of presentation, which is what’s hinted at in the website’s name. You can still get a sense of what it used to look like from its logo, which remains unchanged from the way it appeared in the site’s glory years. Glossy Bingo was only the second iGaming site to go live on this network, which perhaps lends it an air of prestige compared to its johnny-come-lately siblings, and is also one of the more popular bingo sites under the Broadway Gaming Limited umbrella for the same reason.

Rosy Bingo

Rosy Bingo logo

We’re going to give you one key difference between Rosy Bingo and the two other Broadway Gaming Limited sites we’ve just looked at. Are you ready? Here we go. The biggest difference between Rosy Bingo and Glossy Bingo or Butlers Bingo is that Rosy Bingo is light blue in colour. That’s it. That’s the best that we’ve got. In every way that matters and quite a few ways that don’t, Rosy Bingo is another iteration of the exact same bingo site. If anything, Rosy Bingo might be more notable for what can’t be found on its website than for what can.

You’d have thought that with a name like “Rosy Bingo,” the very least that any web designer would want to do is give the site a theme that fits its name. Whoever designed (or redesigned) Rosy Bingo chose not to do that. There are no roses to be found on the homepage of this site, nor anywhere else on it. We’re not sure what the red thing next to the scrawl-style logo of Rosy Bingo is, but it’s not a rose. Rosy Bingo certainly isn’t a bad bingo site – it offers fast withdrawals and all the same games and promotions as Butlers Bingo, so it’s every bit as strong – it’s just that the site is utterly unmemorable.

Bingo Diamond

Bingo Diamond logo

Bingo Diamond is like Rosy Bingo in that it arrived on the Broadway Gaming Limited platform via acquisition rather than being developed by the operator’s in-house team, but the fact that it was sourced externally didn’t save the site from being subjected to the same drab redesign as its sister sites. Perhaps we wouldn’t feel the need to keep referencing the redesign if the sites hadn’t been left looking so generic. They’re fine places to play bingo, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that from looking at them.

Diamonds are valuable because they’re rare. When Bingo Diamond had its original design, it might not have been the prettiest iGaming site you’d ever seen in your life, but it was, at least, unique. The diamond comparison was an apt one back then, but it’s not a comparison we’d make now. When it comes to content, we have the same things to say about Bingo Diamond as we’ve said about the previous three bingo sites – they come with fantastic bingo rooms, solid promotions and generally good terms and conditions. They’d be standout sites if they had unique looks.

Casino Fantastico

Casino Fantastico logo

We haven’t included Casino Fantastico on this highlight list because we think it’s one of the best Broadway Gaming Limited sites available; we’ve included it because we think it’s important to give you a little variety. Broadway Gaming operates three casino sites, with Casino of Dreams launching first but Casino Fantastico arguably being the more popular of them. Please note that we said “popular” rather than good. We suspect that if they were being honest, Broadway Gaming Limited would admit that experimenting with online slots sites rather than bingo sites has been something of a failure for them.

The problem with Casino Fantastico is that it doesn’t actually offer anything that you won’t find at any of its sister sites that we’ve listed above. All of Broadway’s bingo sites also offer slots, and so Casino Fantastico is basically Butlers Bingo without the bingo games. There are only around three hundred slots and casino games to choose from at the site, and that simply isn’t enough to allow it to compete with the best online casinos out there. To be honest, it isn’t even enough to allow it to compete with the average ones. It all looks a little drab and old, and it’s well overdue for a new look if Broadway Gaming intends to keep it online rather than throw in the towel.

Full list of Broadway Gaming Limited casinos

  • Bingo Diamond (Live)
  • Butlers Bingo (Live)
  • Casino Fantastico (Live)
  • Casino of Dreams (Closed)
  • Dotty Bingo (Live)
  • Glossy Bingo (Live)
  • Lucky247 (Live)
  • Rosy Bingo (Live)