AG Communications casinos

AG Communications Casinos

AG Communications Casinos brands include Kaiser Slots, Campeon UK, Neptune Play and Winners Magic. AG Communications Casinos is also known as AG Communications Limited, licence number 39483 which operates 2 active sites, 61 white labels and 26 inactive brands. This is 89 online casinos in total.

Best Casinos

Winner Casino
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Superb Bet
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Seven Casino
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Galaxy Spins
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Official AG Communications Casinos

666 Casino
Atlantic Spins
Barbados Casino
Bet Target
Bet It On
Billion Casino
Campeon UK
Casino Luck
Chilli Spins
Dream Jackpot
Generation VIP
Go Pro Casino
Griffon Casino
High Bet Casino
Hopa Casino
Hot 7 Casino
Jaak Casino
Jackie Jackpot
Jambo Casino
Kaiser Slots
King Casino
Lucky Thrillz
Million Pot Casino
Mr Mega
Mr Play
Mr Rex Casino
Neptune Play
Next Casino
Play Frank
Play Luck Casino
Plaza Royal
Queen Play
Quick Spinner
Regent Casino
Regent Play
Slot Jerry
Spin Rio
Spin Shake
Top Tally
Trada Casino
Vegas Land
Wild Slots
Winners Magic

AG Communications Limited Information

ag communications casinos screenshot

Who are AG Communications Limited?

At the start of each of our pages about casino network companies, we ask who the company is. In the case of AG Communications Limited, it’s a far more pertinent question than it usually is. On paper, Malta-based AG Communications Limited is one of the biggest iGaming companies serving the UK. It had close to one hundred active casino sites available in the domestic market at one stage, although that number has dwindled in recent years. It has an address, a UK Gambling Commission licence, and appears in every way to be a legitimate entity. In the legal sense of the term, it is. In reality, though, you could make a very compelling case that AG Communications Limited doesn’t exist at all. The casinos and iGaming sites that AG Communications Limited provides to players in the UK are also available in several other regulated territories. In every single one of those other regulated territories, though, the company isn’t known as AG Communications Limited. Instead, it’s known as Aspire Global. The connection between the two companies is obvious; “Aspire Global” is what the “AG” in “AG Communications Limited” stands for. AG Communications Limited is, for all intents and purposes, a shell company that Aspire Global trades as in the UK only. Why it does this when it holds an entirely separate UK Gambling Commission licence in its own name is anybody’s guess, but it means we’re asking the wrong question. Let’s ask the right one instead.

Who are Aspire Global?

The short answer to this question is that Aspire Global Plc is another iGaming company based in Malta. The long answer is a little more involved and complicated and will eventually involve yet another iGaming company. We’ll come to that a little further down the page, though. Aspire Global considers itself to be a leading business-to-business provider of iGaming solutions, by which it means its business model is largely based around providing white-label services to people and businesses that want or require them. While the full Aspire Global casino portfolio includes over one hundred and seventy casinos, many of which aren’t available in the UK, only a handful of them are directly operated by Aspire Global. Most of them are run in tandem with the company’s white-label partners. When it comes to experience, Aspire Global has plenty of it. The company has been in the iGaming business for almost twenty years since forming in 2005. During that time, it’s grown exponentially and now has licenses that allow it to operate in most of the world’s major regulated iGaming territories. It also has a physical presence in most of those countries. Aside from having its head office in Malta, Aspire Global also has offices in Gibraltar, Italy, India, North Macedonia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Israel. It doesn’t (yet) have an office in the UK, but the UK is one of the biggest markets that it serves, although it also serves markets as far apart as Nigeria, Mexico, and the Netherlands. To put it another way, Aspire Global is a very big deal in the iGaming world. Aspire Global doesn’t publish figures to tell us how much money the company is bringing in, but we can get a sense of the site of the operation from the statistics on its official company website. There are, as of the time of writing, more than six hundred people working for Aspire Global, comprising more than thirty different nationalities. It’s an international business in every sense of the word. The number of regulated markets that the operator’s casinos are available in exceeds thirty. With numbers like this, it’s unsurprising that the company became attractive to external investors in recent years. A couple of paragraphs ago, we mentioned that in telling the tale of AG Communications Limited and Aspire Global, we’d eventually have to involve a third iGaming company. That company is NeoGames, which acquired Aspire Global Plc in June 2022 for a reported £341.7m. If you’ve been following along, you already know which question we’re going to ask next.

Who are NeoGames?

NeoGames, like Aspire Global (and, by extension, AG Communications Limited), has been around for the best part of twenty years as an iGaming company. Rather than being based in Malta, the company has offices in Israel and Ukraine. If you’ve never heard of NeoGames before, it might be because you’re not a big fan of iLottery games. The company has a strong reputation as an iLottery operator, but until the purchase of Aspire Global, it had never shown a particular interest in moving into online casinos. Businesses aren’t in the habit of spending more than £300m on things that don’t interest them, though, so the acquisition of Aspire Global Plc presumably indicates a change of long-term strategy for the business. When the takeover deal completed, NeoGames issued public statements indicating that it now aims to become one of the world’s biggest iGaming companies, offering slots, casino games, sports betting and iLottery services in a single package. We would presume that to mean that the current fleet of AG Communications Limited casinos will soon have lotteries and lottery games added to their portfolios, but that hasn’t happened as of yet. Whatever the company has planned for its latest big purchase is still hidden up its sleeve.

The Top AG Communications Limited Casinos

Mr Play

Mr Play logo
The surprising thing about AG Communications Limited and its status as a top casino network company is that it doesn’t actually operate any particularly high-profile casinos. It has several very good casinos rather than a handful of great ones and a series of reasonably well-known sites rather than a string of household names. The casino with the highest profile on this network, though, is Mr Play. That’s down to two things – the marketing campaigns that the casino regularly embarks on and its distinctive branding.

The logo above gives away Mr Play’s branding, but even if it didn’t, you’d probably realise you’ve seen the homepage before from the moment you landed on it. It’s not like you’re especially likely to forget seeing a stunning model wearing an enormous false moustache. A sure sign that you’re at one of the best casinos that AG Communications Limited has to offer is the presence of a sportsbook to go with all the casino games, and there’s one to play with at Mr Play. This casino also has one of the most generous welcome promotions you’ll encounter on this platform, although it’s a little naughty for not stating the associated wagering requirement on its homepage.

Mr Mega

Mr Mega logo
We don’t know whether someone at AG Communications puts more effort into casinos that have “Mr” in their name than it does with casinos that don’t, but in any event, Mr Mega is another one of this platform’s top casino sites. It’s not, however, quite on the same level as Mr Play. Part of that is down to aesthetics; Mr Play is a far prettier casino than Mr Mega is. There isn’t much to it in terms of branding – there’s a banner image of a well-dressed croupier and a few people enjoying themselves at what looks like a luxury casino, and that’s about it.

What Mr Mega lacks in good looks, it does its best to make up for with great content. It’s another one of the AG Communications Limited casinos that comes with a sportsbook and has an expansive selection of live dealer games to go with its many hundreds of slots. It’s probably a match for Mr Play when it comes to games, but it lets itself down a little with its welcome promotion, which carries only a quarter of the value of what Mr Play coughs up for new arrivals.


Karamba logo
Karamba has something that neither of the AG Communications Limited casinos we’ve looked at thus far is able to offer – a colourful parrot as a mascot. We think that the name “Karamba” is a corruption of “caramba,” as in the expression of shock or amazement. On the other hand, perhaps it’s just the name of the parrot. Either could be true. Karamba’s lavender colour scheme might put a few players off, but it would be a shame if it got in the way of your enjoyment of one of AG Communications’ strongest casinos.

We’ve already said that the best casinos on this operator’s platform have sportsbooks attached to them, so it shouldn’t surprise you by this stage to find out that there’s a sportsbook at Karamba. To add to its appeal further, it finds space to pack a few free spins in with its welcome promotion, which gives the overall package an edge on the promotion at Mr Mega. If you’re wondering whether Karamba ever pays out big, all you need to do is look at the constantly-scrolling list of big winners on the right-hand side of the casino’s homepage for inspiration. If it’s to be trusted, there are plenty of UK-based players landing big wins.

Spin Rio

Spin Rio logo
You should never try to judge the quality of an online casino based on its appearance. Having said that, you won’t find a prettier casino site on the AG Communications Limited platform than Spin Rio. In case it isn’t obvious from the name, the inspiration for Spin Rio comes from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It’s not the only online casino in the iGaming world to take inspiration from Brazil’s party city, but it does it better than any of the others, from the photograph of Christ the Redeemer overlooking a beach in the background to the colourful toucan in the foreground. This is a bright and breezy casino, and it looks like a fun place to play.

While up to this point we’ve insisted fairly strongly that the best AG Communications casinos are those that have sportsbooks attached to them, it’s also sometimes said that the exception proves the rule. Spin Rio is the exception. You can’t get on sports at this casino, but you can still bet on hundreds of casino games, scratch cards, and games with real hosts and dealers. It’s also got a welcome promotion that’s on par with that of Mr Mega, even if it makes the same mistake of not publishing its wagering requirements.

Vegas Land

Vegas Land logo
There’s nothing original about using Las Vegas as the theme or inspiration for a casino site. Sin City has probably inspired the design of more online casinos than Ireland by this point, and the market for it is saturated. Unless a Las Vegas theme is executed superbly, it comes across as bland and boring. You’ll never find us calling Vegas Land bland or boring. The subject matter might not be an inspired choice, but like Spin Rio, it’s an example of how to take an unoriginal idea and turn it into something beautiful. The road-trip angle illustrated in the graphics on the homepage is clever. The fact that the car’s steering wheel is also a roulette wheel is inspired.

With Vegas Land, we’re back to casinos that also offer sports betting. That probably nudges it above Spin Rio in terms of quality and variety, as it’s a match for the casino in every other way. It even has the same welcome promotion and actually does the courtesy of telling new players what the wagering requirements are before asking them to lay down their qualifying deposits. For the record, the wagering requirements for promotions at Vegas Land and pretty much every other AG Communications Limited casino are set at x35.