Rhino Bet sister sites

Rhino Bet sister sites

Rhino Bet sister sites include Planet Sport Bet, Bresbet, Vickers and BetZone. Rhino Bet sister sites are operated by Playbook Gaming Limited, licence number 50122 which operates 7 sister sites in total.

Sites like Rhino Bet

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Rhino Bet sister sites 2023

Planet Sport Bet logo

You will not, in any meaningful sense, notice major differences between the Rhino Bet sister sites. They’re multiple iterations of the same website with different logos and colour schemes. There are exceptions to every rule, and it’s probably fair to say that a few of them have crammed more into their layouts than others have, but you’d have to look very hard to spot those differences. Planet Sport Bet is a perfect example of that. While it might look indistinguishable from Rhino Bet when you first see it, you’ll eventually see that there are a few more options across the menu bar at the top of the screen. You’ll also find that Planet Sport Bet makes a bigger deal out of its welcome promotion by displaying it as a pop-up when you first visit this betting site.

You’ll never run out of sports betting options at Planet Sport Bet, which is exactly the situation you’d hope for based on the iGaming site’s name. The fact that you can bet on 99% of the same sports with the other Rhino Bet sister sites becomes almost immaterial. If Planet Sport Bet is guilty of overstepping the mark anywhere, it’s in the way it tries to cram too much on the landing page. As well as the sportsbook and the welcome promotion, there’s also a vertical column of slots. It’s like everything’s competing for your attention at once, and as a result, none of them can get through the noise.

Bresbet logo

All of the Rhino Bet sister sites were made using the same template. All of the Rhino Bet sites are available to players in the UK, too. However, it doesn’t always feel that way. BresBet, for example, feels like a less UK-focused sports betting site than (for example) Rhino Bet or Planet Sport Bet. There are noticeably fewer sports to bet on here than at some of the other sites and fewer selectable options on the horizontal menu, too. The single-click access to football betting that’s visible at other Rhino Bet sister sites isn’t available on the top menu of Bresbet, and neither is the single-click horse betting option. That’s what makes us think that Bresbet may have been designed with a different market in mind.

Just because Bresbet hasn’t made an instant feature out of those sports, it doesn’t mean they’re not covered at all. They are. You’ll find both of them on the side menu and plenty more to go with them, but “special” options like politics betting are missing. There are two ways of looking at that. One way would be to say that Bresbet is a streamlined sports betting website, focusing on the things that truly matter and doing away with unnecessary distractions. The other way of looking at it would be to say that Bresbet simply doesn’t have the depth of some of the other Rhino Bet sister sites and should, therefore, be looked at as a weaker option by default. How you feel about it will likely come down to your individual preferences as a player.

Vickers logo

Vickers is a horse racing specialist. You might have known that somewhere at the back of your mind, even if you don’t think you’ve ever paid a visit to this member of the Rhino Bet sister sites family before because it’s a betting firm that’s been around for a very long time. This is one of Playbook Gaming Limited’s white-label sites, which means there’s someone involved in the running of the site other than Playbook Gaming itself. In this case, the “someone else” is literally the Vickers family. This has been a family bookmaker for the best part of forty years and has an offline life as well as an online one. There aren’t Vickers shops everywhere in the UK, but some of you will have encountered the brand in real life.

The “family bookmaker” angle means that Vickers has a personal touch that some of the other Rhino Bet sister sites lack, and that’s a factor that goes in the site’s favour. The familiarity of the brand name is another positive – so much so that Vickers is seen as the biggest brand n the Playbook Gaming Limited platform in the eyes of many. When it comes down to content, though, there’s nothing more at Vickers than there is at Planet Sport Bet, which is probably the most expansive of all the sports betting sites on the network. That’s not to say that it isn’t thorough and detailed – it’s just not unique.

BetZone logo

It’s impossible for any of the Rhino Bet sister sites to outperform any of the other Rhino Bet sister sites when it comes to content. They can’t offer any more sports betting opportunities or casino games than the operator is able to package together for them, so even if they take the full package, they’re still restricted by it when compared to each other. BetZone appears to have taken the full package, but it’s also attempted to go beyond it. Not only is this an enormous sports betting site and casino, but it’s also a source of sports news containing betting tips and all the latest sporting goings-on in its News Zone section.

Granted, the News Zone section isn’t going to draw many new players to BetZone, and most seasoned sports bettors are likely to come up with their own tips or get them from elsewhere, but it’s still nice to see BetZone attempting to do something that none of the other Rhino Bets has, as of yet, thought of themselves. We’re sure the site would also like to think of itself as the best option on the platform for niche betting opportunities like esports, but it isn’t the only one that offers them. The black and grey colour scheme makes BetZone the least interesting iGaming site on this network to look at, but we’re all experienced enough to know that looks shouldn’t count for everything when it comes to betting sites. BetZone might not be pretty, but it has plenty of depth.

Rhino Bet Information

Name Rhino Bet
URL rhino.bet
#No. of Sister Sites 7
Best Sister Sites Bresbet, Planet Sport Bet, BetZoneVickers
Owner/Operator Playbook Gaming Limited: Playbook Gaming, 1 Poultry, London, EC2R 8EJ, United Kingdom
Sister sites status 1 Active, 4 White Labels and 2 Inactive sister sites. 7 total sister casinos.
UKGC Licence page UKGC Licence: 50122
Support Email customerservice@rhino.bet
Twitter @betrhino
Facebook Rhino Bet Facebook page

Rhino Bet operator – Playbook Gaming Limited

playbook gaming casinos logo

If you go looking for information about Playbook Gaming Limited, you won’t find much. We know from its entry on the UK Gambling Commission licence that the company is based in London and has held its current UKGC licence since 2018, but that’s about all. Companies House confirms that the business was incorporated the year before. Go looking for information about Playbook Engineering, though, and it’s a whole different story. That’s the name the business trades under at present, although it was previously known as Two-Up Digital. While Playbook Gaming doesn’t have a standalone business website, Playbook Engineering does. Even then, though, it’s a single-page site which is short on specific details. We don’t know how many people work for Playbook Engineering or how much money it makes, but we get a taste of the company’s personality.

From the language used on the Playbook Engineering website, it’s clear that the company sees itself as the perfect white-label partner for new betting and casino companies looking to enter the market. They specifically use the phrase “disrupt the industry,” which is a nice way of making the launch process sound edgy. Not all of Playbook’s white-label partners are disruptive or edgy, though – we’re sure that Vickers would think of itself as anything but. Services offered by Playbook, both from its London office and its second office in Krakow, Poland, include website building, player account management, payment solutions, CRM provision, and a stack of other features which make it clear that you can hand the running of your whole site over to the company if you so desired. It’s a long way from being one of the industry’s biggest operators, but it appears to be growing.

Rhino Bet review

Rhino Bet screenshot

Rhino Bet Sister Sites Welcome Bonuses

Some of the Playbook Gaming Limited betting sites have welcome promotions, and if you can’t bear the thought of placing your wagers without being welcomed into a site with a bonus first, you’ll have to look to one of the Rhino Bet sister sites instead. Rhino Bet itself doesn’t have anything that’s tailored to new players. It does, however, have plenty of general bonuses and promotions, so we’ll move on to looking at them instead.

Other Promotions

Rhino Bet is a detailed sportsbook, and a lot of the promotions it offers are based on a single, specific sporting event. As an example, it was nearly time for Punchestown when we wrote this review, and there was an offer of twenty-five free spins in the Rhino Bet casino for all players who bet £10 on a race at the event and saw their horse come in second. There were also enhanced specials and prices available for the weekend’s coming Premier League football fixtures. Obviously, you won’t see any of those things if you’re at Rhino Bet at a time when they’re not happening, but there are also promotions here that have a broader focus and last for longer.

For those who bet on horses regularly, Rhino Bet operates a “best odds” guarantee. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect to find at any sports betting site that’s halfway decent, but it’s still nice to know it’s there. If you couldn’t care a fig for sports betting and want to focus on casino games instead, though, you can get fifty free spins to use in the “Rhino Reels” casino each time you spend £250 or more on slots. That’s a high bar, but free spins are free spins.

Top Games at Rhino Bet

It’s immediately clear from the moment you land on the Rhino Bet homepage that this is a sportsbook with a casino built around it rather than the other way around, and so the “top game” at Rhino Bet is its massive sportsbook. As well as covering nearly every pro sport you might care to think of, Rhino Bet offers an expanded range of betting opportunities compared to some of its sister sites. That means you can bet on “special events,” too, which can include matters happening in the political sphere or on television – the outcome of reality television shows, for example.

Again, though, if you’d rather give the sports betting a miss, Rhino Bet is proud of its recently-revamped Rhino Reels casino. Some of the slots in it are specifically designated as “Rhino Reels,” although it’s not immediately clear what qualifies the slots as such. We’re not saying that titles like Gold Cash: Free Spins and Piggy Payouts aren’t worthy of having the spotlight shone on them, but it’s not like they’re exclusive to the casino or were developed in-house – they’re big deals in dozens of other online casinos, too. The overall most popular games in the casino include very popular hits like Big Time Gaming’s Bonanza, but also lesser-known titles like Book of Ba’al. The long list of providers confirms that the casino works with all the big names.

Customer Support and Licensing

Customer support is one of Rhino Bet’s biggest weaknesses. The primary method of support offered is emails, which can be sent to customerservice@rhino.bet. Players are also invited to get in touch on social media, the links for which can be found in the table at the top of this page. There’s no live chat or telephone support at Rhino Bet, and that weakens it as a betting option. Rhino Bet’s UK Gambling Commission licence is held via Playbook Gaming Limited under account number 50122. The operator’s record with the regulator is clean as of the time of writing – there are no fines or sanctions on file.

Withdrawal Speed and Support

You can forget about using your e-wallet or any other electronic payment method when you deal with Rhino Bet; it’s debit cards or nothing. Based on the logos displayed on the Rhino Bet homepage, the site accepts Mastercard, Visa, or Maestro. The FAQ at Rhino Bet is a little on the short side, but it specifically states that withdrawals take between two and five business days to process. That means no instant or same-day withdrawals. It’s all a little behind-the-times.

Final Thoughts on Rhino Bet

Rhino Bet takes a serious approach to its chosen subject matter, which is sports betting. There’s no cuddly cute rhino mascot anywhere or any of the other visual niceties you might expect from a betting site with such a name; it’s strictly business here. The range of event-specific promotions is nice, but the lack of instant customer support counts against the site, and the shortage of withdrawal options coupled with the lack of speed counts against it heavily, too. We can’t see any issues with using Rhino Bet if you have the patience to wait a while for withdrawals and responses to support requests, but if you prefer sites that move faster, it isn’t for you.

Rhino Bet Sister Sites Player Reviews

Here are the thoughts of your fellow players about Rhino Bet. The reviews are all real, but we’ve paraphrased them to keep them brief.

I’ve been playing at Rhino Bet for about a month. It’s very poor. There are no bonuses, and it doesn’t let you put big bets on. The maximum payout is £25,000, which is too low. The fast withdrawals are the only positive, but it’s still only worth one star. Christopher, April 6th 2023. Source – Trustpilot.
My one-word review of Rhino Bet is “no.” I’ve been gambling for twenty years, and I’ve never seen scammers as bad as this lot. How is it possible to not get a single bonus from more than one thousand spins on the same slots game? Explain yourselves, Rhino. Michal, March 31st 2023. Source – Trustpilot.
I know how fixed-odds betting works, but this is still the worst casino and betting site for fixing them. The table games against the computer are definitely rigged, so I hate to think about what happens in the live games.Brian, March 28th 2023. Source – Trustpilot.
Here are my genuine thoughts; Rhino Bet is absolute mince. It’s impossible to land bonuses on the slots. These people should be wearing masks. It’s such a dodgy site.Christopher, March 28th 2023. Source – Trustpilot.
This has to be the worst casino site ever. My friend always tells me he wins here, but I spend a lot more than he does, and I never win anything. Do they pick usernames out of the hat for wins? It’s totally unfair.William, March 28th 2023. Source – Trustpilot.