Playbook Gaming casinos

Playbook Gaming Casinos

Playbook Gaming Casinos brands include Planet Sport Bet, BetZone, Vickers and Bresbet. Playbook Gaming Casinos is also known as Playbook Gaming Limited, licence number 50122 which operates 1 active sites, 4 white labels and 2 inactive brands. This is 7 online casinos in total.

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Official Playbook Gaming Casinos

Planet Sport Bet
Rhino Bet

Playbook Gaming Limited Information

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Who are Playbook Gaming Limited?

For most people reading this, Playbook Gaming Limited is likely to be a relatively unknown name. However, you’re increasingly likely to have heard of one of the operator’s sports betting sites. This is the company behind Vickers, which spent years as a family-owned sports betting business before getting into bed with Playbook Gaming. You might also have heard of Rhino Bet, which is the only directly owned one of the five brands the company currently operates. The rest are all white-label.

Playbook Gaming Limited might be small, but it’s growing. It’s already come a long way in the few years since it opened, and its white-label proposition has caught the eye of some high-profile customers. This is an operator with all the potential in the world, and in the paragraphs below, we’ll tell you everything we know about it.

An overview of Playbook Gaming Limited

The first thing you should know about Playbook Gaming Limited is that it’s a UK-based company. You’ll find its head office at the charming-sounding address of 1 Poultry in London, where it’s been since the business was incorporated in July 2017. From then until March 2021, the company was known as GW Gaming Limited. The reason for the change of the business name isn’t known.

As of the time of writing, the company has just one director – Callum Andrews. He was appointed in September 2022, replacing Steven Brewer and Gary Woodgate, both of whom had been with the company since the day it was founded. The company’s most recent accounts indicate that it has around £1.3m in the bank but only directly employs two people. As such, it can be considered a small business, but it makes more money than you’d expect a casino network company of such limited size to make. To better understand Playbook Gaming Limited, though, we have to look at the company that gave birth to it – Playbook Engineering Limited.

What is Playbook Engineering Limited?

Although you won’t find any direct references to Playbook Gaming Limited on the official website of Playbook Engineering, the two companies are effectively one and the same. A quick glance at Companies House is all it takes to verify that they have the same registered address. Playbook Engineering Limited came first, though, having been incorporated in December 2016. Like Playbook Gaming Limited, Playbook Engineering has undergone a relatively recent rebranding exercise. Between December 2016 and March 2021 – the same month that Playbook Gaming changed its name – Playbook Engineering was known as Two-Up Digital Limited. Both companies also share the same lone director in the shape of Callum Andrews.

The fact that Playbook Engineering has a website means that we can get a sense of the company’s persona and an insight into how it sees itself. We’ve already established that the white-label model is crucial to the way that Playbook does business, so you can think of the Playbook Engineering website as the company’s shop window. This is the site that prospective white-label partners will scrutinise before deciding whether they want to pay Playbook to make an iGaming website for them or whether they’d be better off taking their business and money elsewhere.

The tone of the Playbook Engineering website is confident. The company calls itself the “go-to” partner for anybody who wants to make an impact on the online casino world. It further refers to itself as being on a mission to “disrupt the industry,” which is a common self-description for upstart iGaming companies that are still relatively new to the iGaming business. While Playbook Engineering’s head office is in London, the company also has a second office in Krakow, Poland. Between those two offices, Playbook offers a wide range of services to its partners, including account management, payment solutions, website creation and ongoing website development.

Playbook Engineering as a parent company

Based on everything we’ve said above, you might be wondering how Playbook Engineering can offer all of those services when we’ve already established that Playbook Gaming only has two permanent members of staff (according to its Companies House records). The answer to that is Playbook Engineering Limited is a bigger company than Playbook Gaming Limited, with a reported £2.1m in the bank and £4.7m in assets according to the most recently available figures. Even with this said, though, those same accounts state that the average number of people employed by the company for the year ending March 2022 was nine. It’s hard to see how two offices could be justified for a company that has just nine employees.

A single, almost throwaway line at the end of Playbook Engineering’s company accounts states that Playbook Engineering has a parent company called Star Racing Limited. A quick glance at the records of that company at Companies House tells us that the business has been around since January 2008 and used to have a director in common with Playbook Engineering Limited – Gary Woodgate. As Callum Andrews has replaced Gary Woodgate at both versions of Playbook, we assume that the link between the companies has now been severed.

Playbook Gaming Limited and the UK Gambling Commission

We’ve made it very clear that the connection between Playbook Engineering Limited and Playbook Gaming Limited is a very close one. Unusually for two companies that have such a shared identity, both of them have an individual UK Gambling Commission licence. The UK Gambling Commission licence held by Playbook Engineering Limited is number 49787 and was issued in February 2018. The licence covers remote gambling software only, with no associated domain names or premises. There are also no regulatory actions on file for the company, which is always a good thing.

The more pertinent UK Gambling Commission licence from the point of view of players is the one held by Playbook Gaming Limited under account number 50122, which has been in force since January 2018. This is the licence that covers all of the iGaming sites that the company operates and is also free of regulatory actions of any kind.

The Playbook Gaming Limited Sites

Rhino Bet

Rhino Bet logo

Should you ever decide to flit between the various Playbook Gaming Limited iGaming sites in search of the one most deserving of your business, you’ll find that they have several design elements in common. You can pin that on the operator’s use of a fairly rigid template to put its sites together. It would, however, be a mistake to assume that using the same template means always getting the same content. There are several differences between the sites on this network – some significant and some not-so-significant.

The biggest selling point of Rhino Bet is also its biggest drawback in the eyes of some players – it’s a very streamlined site compared to the majority of its siblings. As nice as it would be to have a rhino mascot on the homepage waiting to greet new players, the site looks very plain. There aren’t as many sports to bet on here as you’ll find at some of the other Playbook Gaming sites, and there aren’t quite as many bonuses or betting options. There is, however, a casino section called “Rhino Reels,” which had been expanded shortly before this article was written. The quirk of Rhino Bet compared to the other Playbook sites is that it compiles Premier League football statistics, so if you’re a bit of a “statto” when it comes to football, this is where to look.


BetZone logo

BetZone has taken the full sports betting package that Playbook Gaming Limited offers. That means that if you can’t bet on a sporting matter at Betzone, you won’t be able to bet on it at any of the BetZone sister sites, either. In addition to the gargantuan selection of sports betting options, BetZone has also elected to take on board every slots and casino game that the operator has available. A couple of the other sites on the platform have made the same decision about maxing out their content, but it means you won’t find a bigger betting site on the Playbook platform than BetZone.

Just as Rhino Bet attempts to mark itself out as “different” by including its statistics section, BetZone has a “NewsZone” section that provides all the latest sporting news, all of which has been written specifically for the website. The news section also contains betting tips. If there’s a drawback to BetZone, it might be the fact that whoever designed it chose black and grey as a colour scheme. The net effect of this is that BetZone is a lot less interesting to look at than it should be.


BresBet logo

BresBet is just as open to players who live in the UK as any of the other Playbook Gaming Limited iGaming sites, but we get the feeling from the way the site is laid out that the audience it’s most interested in might be based elsewhere. That would explain why horse racing and football have been deprioritised on the BresBet homepage in favour of sports like basketball. We don’t think BresBet is available in the United States of America, but it’s possible that it’s been formulated to chase players in other European nations.

Like Rhino Bet, BresBet is “stripped down” in terms of content when you compare it to the likes of BetZone, which offers a far more comprehensive version of the operator’s sportsbook. Little niche features like politics betting, which is available at BetZone, aren’t available here. Some players might prefer that, though – it can be frustrating wading through irrelevant betting option after irrelevant betting option in search of the content that you’re genuinely interested in, and that’s never likely to be a problem at BresBet thanks to its streamlined approach.

Planet Sport Bet

Planet Sport Bet logo

Planet Sports Bet is a name that’s likely to be familiar to a fair few of you. That’s because of its connection to Planet Sport. Even if you’ve never heard of Planet Sport directly, you might have heard of the media companies that operate under its umbrella, which include Football365 and TEAM Talk. Planet Sport Bet is the company’s official iGaming presence, and it says a lot of good things about Playbook Gaming Limited that it was the company that Planet Sport called upon when the powers that be within the business decided that the time had come to venture into the iGaming industry.

In keeping with the fact that this is a “celebrity” iGaming brand with connections to well-known sports media entities, Planet Sport Bet is one of the “fuller” betting sites on the Playbook Gaming network. It has access to around the same number of betting opportunities as BetZone and presents them with style. It also has a small welcome bonus, which is notable because such things are a rarity right across this platform. If anything, Planet Sport Bet might be guilty of attempting to do too much – the presence of the sportsbook, slots, and promotions on its homepage makes the whole thing look a little untidy.


Vickers logo

Technically speaking, the Playbook Gaming Limited iGaming network doesn’t have a flagship site. If it were to pick one, it would probably go with Rhino Bet on account of the fact that it’s the only site on the platform that the operator is one hundred per cent responsible for. If we were to denote a flagship site on the basis of how popular and well-known it is, though, Vickers would be the clear candidate. This well-known brand has been around for over four decades as a family business. It’s respected for being a horse racing specialist, and it’s adapted to the internet age like a duck to water.

Even with the “personal” touch that comes from the fact that the family business angle exists, Vickers looks very much like any of the other Playbook Gaming sites, with the only real difference being that it’s green. Content-wise, it’s a close match for Planet Sport Bet. It still leads with horse racing, but it doesn’t actually offer any horse racing betting opportunities that you won’t also find at BetZone or Planet Sport Bet. Still, the trustworthiness of the Vickers name might be the factor that makes the difference for some players.

Full list of Playbook Gaming Limited casinos

  • BetZone (Live)
  • Bresbet (Live)
  • Gamer Wager (Closed)
  • Planet Sport Bet (Live)
  • Rhino Bet (Live)
  • Sports Betting (Closed)
  • Vickers (Live)