Bresbet sister sites

Bresbet sister sites

Bresbet sister sites include BetZone, Rhino Bet, Vickers and Planet Sport Bet. Bresbet sister sites are operated by Playbook Gaming Limited, licence number 50122 which operates 7 sister sites in total.

Sites like Bresbet

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Bresbet sister sites 2023

BetZone logo

BetZone, one of the best-known BresBet sister sites, manages to distinguish itself from its identical-looking siblings by offering a few unique features. Unlike other sites under the Playbook Gaming Limited umbrella, BetZone serves as a sports news information centre with its branded “News Zone” section, providing the latest sports events news and a few in-the-know betting tips to its players. This added layer of value shows that BetZone is willing to go the extra mile to make itself stand out from the crowd created by the other BresBet sister sites. Although the News Zone section may not be a magic trick when it comes to attracting new players, it still sets BetZone apart from its competitors no matter how minor the effect of doing so might be.

In terms of more substantial matters, BetZone caters to limited-interest fields of betting opportunities such as esports, making it a potential go-to site for players interested in these types of entertainment. While its grey-based colour scheme may not be the most visually striking thing you’ve ever seen, the extensive content options mean BetZone packs more punch than some of its lesser siblings. While there may be limitations to how much any of the BresBet sister sites can outperform any other in terms of content, BetZone has found little ways to offer a unique experience. By providing additional features such as sports news and niche betting options, BetZone has itself carved out a small niche on this iGaming network and certainly has its fans.

Rhino Bet logo

While Rhino Bet had the chance to carve out a unique identity compared to the other BresBet sister sites, it has failed to do so by not capitalising on what feels like an open-door invite to create a catchy and memorable theme, such as a lovable rhino mascot. Consequently, Rhino Bet blends in with the other lookalike sites on the Playbook Gaming Limited platform. However, when compared to other BresBet sister sites, Rhino Bet still attracts attention for its more streamlined approach. Its sportsbook offers a concise version of the operator’s fuller offerings without bombarding users with too many additional options, although it may lack betting options for less mainstream sports.

In contrast, Rhino Bet’s casino section is notably larger than other BresBet sister sites and was recently relaunched as “Rhino Reels.” The relaunch exercise involved adding nearly thirty new slots and games to the casino, providing users with a newer and more extensive range of games to choose from. This update may not mean anything to sports bettors, but it could make Rhino Bet more attractive to players interested in casino games over the cut and thrust of sports betting. Additionally, Rhino Bet is the only one of the sites on the platform to have a separate section for English Premier League football statistics, demonstrating that the site still has a focus on sports even though the casino section is bigger than it used to be. While this feature may not be a significant issue for most visitors, it means Rhino Bet has at least one small feature that none of its siblings do.

Vickers logo

Vickers, a trusted name in the UK betting industry and a specialist in horse racing, stands tall as the flagship of the Bresbet sister sites family. Its reputation, which spans nearly forty years, has established it as a respected brand in both online and offline gambling spaces. The Vickers family, having managed the physical side of the business for two generations, is as much responsible for the site’s management as Playbook Gaming Limited, adding a personal touch that other casinos and betting sites on the Playbook network may lack. This unique factor could pique the interest of players seeking a bespoke betting experience.

While content-wise Vickers offers features similar to Planet Sport Bet, one of the top sites on the network with extensive sports betting options, Vickers is a strong contender in its own right, offering players a comprehensive selection of betting opportunities. Unlike Bresbet and Rhino Bet, which operate with reduced options, Vickers doesn’t impose such limitations on its players. However, although Vickers is a respected brand, that still doesn’t necessarily mean that its website stands out from the rest of the BresBet sister sites. The similarities between Planet Sport Bet and Vickers (excluding the latter’s all-green colour scheme) indicate that Vickers is hardly unique in terms of content, and it’s not the only BresBet to struggle with that problem. Nevertheless, despite its lack of individuality, Vickers offers everything a seasoned sports bettor needs, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable, comprehensive betting site.

Planet Sport Bet logo

The BresBet sister sites may look like clones of each other, with only different logos and colour schemes to set them apart. But, in comparison to its siblings, Planet Sport Bet manages to distinguish itself slightly by offering a broader and more detailed range of options across its menu bar and rolling the red carpet out for new players with a small welcome bonus through a pop-up. The name seems to promise a whole world of sports betting options, and that’s largely what it delivers, but delivering on the promise comes at a cost. The landing page feels overloaded, with the sportsbook, welcome promotion, other bonuses, and a list of casino games and slots all vying for attention as soon as players arrive on the page.

It’s something of a shame that despite being the official iGaming and sports betting presence of Planet Sport, which runs sports media brands like TEAM Talk and Football365, Planet Sport Bet doesn’t offer enough extras to set it apart from the crowd. When a network of betting sites has a “household name” member like this one, the expectation is that it should be loaded with exclusive features or additional content that the other sites lack. However, Planet Sport Bet doesn’t do enough to stand out from its fellow BresBet sister sites, and its lack of unique offerings may be its biggest weakness. While it’s a competent sports betting site, competence alone isn’t enough to distinguish it from the rest of the pack.

Bresbet Information

Name Bresbet
#No. of Sister Sites 7
Best Sister Sites Rhino Bet, BetZone, Planet Sport, BetVickers
Owner/Operator Playbook Gaming Limited: Playbook Gaming, 1 Poultry, London, EC2R 8EJ, United Kingdom
Sister sites status 1 Active, 4 White Labels and 2 Inactive sister sites. 7 total sister casinos.
UKGC Licence page UKGC Licence: 50122
Support Email
Twitter @bresbet
Facebook Bresbet Facebook page

Bresbet operator – Playbook Gaming Limited

playbook gaming casinos logo

Despite operating several well-known sports betting brands in the UK scene, Playbook Gaming Limited remains an enigma, with no public profile to speak of. The company obviously holds a UKGC license and is based in London, which is confirmed on its UK Gambling Commission license entry. However, beyond that, there is very little information available about the company’s operations, leaving it a somewhat elusive entity. The fact that it seems so determined to keep its cards close to its chest only adds to its mystique and intrigue. The company was incorporated in 2017, as recorded by Companies House, but even there, verifiable information about the company is still scarce. Despite this, Playbook Engineering, the company’s alter-ego, presents itself as a more transparent business. Playbook Engineering, previously known as Two-Up Digital, has a concise one-page website that offers a taste of the company’s values and persona. However, the site is scant on specifics and doesn’t reveal crucial business-related details, such as the company’s size, structure, and financial status.

The Playbook Engineering website is bursting at the seams with confidence and presents the company as the ultimate partner for those looking to make a splash in the highly competitive world of online betting and casino gaming. With language like “disrupt the industry,” the company radiates an edgy and ambitious attitude. Playbook Engineering offers a comprehensive range of services, including website development, player account management, payment solutions, and more, from its offices in London and Krakow, demonstrating its ability to handle all aspects of a site’s operations. This makes it an appealing option for businesses seeking to outsource iGaming operations while maintaining the appearance of running their own site. Despite not yet ranking among the industry’s largest operators, Playbook Engineering is still looking to expand. For this company, it’s just a case of finding big-name white-label partners and leveraging their brands.

Bresbet review

Bresbet screenshot

BresBet Sister Sites Welcome Bonuses

We don’t want to sell BresBet short here, but the site doesn’t have any welcome promotions. It’s a fair criticism to point out that plenty of the BresBet sister sites do have welcome promotions to offer, so BresBet itself looks a little weaker than them by not offering any. However, that’s not to say that BresBet lacks any promotional power whatsoever – it’s just that it’s promotions aren’t specifically targeted at newcomers to the site. Let’s move on to the general promotions section so we can explain what we mean.

Other Promotions

What BresBet lacks in welcome promotions it makes up for ten times over with its other promotions. They all come with sports cliche names, which is actually quite annoying because it means you can’t always tell what they are at first glance, but there’s plenty of substance at the site. The most eye-catching of all the promotions simply says “BresBet Rewards Loyalty,” with an offer of up to £100 in bonus cash each week for the brand’s most loyal players, but the lack of detail about how players qualify for these rewards is another annoyance. The “One Wrong, Still Strong” promotion is also worth a look, as it refunds players 100% of their stake if just one of their Bet Builder selections turns out to be a loser. Similarly, your stake is returned if a football player you backed to be first goalscorer turns out to be second goalscorer instead.

The list of sports promotions at BresBet seems to go on forever, even if a few of them are lightweight or strictly time-limited. Those who come looking for a little extra spice to use in the Bresbet Casino, however, will be turned back empty-handed. Unlike some of the BresBet sister sites, this site doesn’t have any casino promotions. Casino games do exist at BresBet, but they’re very much a sideshow to the centre-stage act of sports betting.

Top Games at BresBet

It wouldn’t be justified or accurate for us to say that any of the slots at BresBet deserve to be named as top games, because the fact that slots exist at the site is barely even mentioned on the BresBet homepage. This brand and website is very much about traditional sports betting, with a stronger focus on greyhound racing than most of its siblings. Even with that focus, though, the “top game” at BresBet is football. The bulk of the homepage beneath the promotions is almost entire devoted to football, with special “bet bundles” for groups of fixtures. Horse racing follows on from there, with greyhound racing trailing in third place.

Customer Support and Licensing

When it comes to customer support, the BresBet sister sites aren’t known for their comprehensive options, and BresBet itself is no different. While an email address,, is listed for support inquiries, social media is the only other available means of contacting the company. For those seeking assistance, the social media links for BresBet are readily available in the information box above. On the bright side, Playbook Gaming Limited holds a UK Gambling Commission license for BresBet under account number 50122 and has maintained a clean record with the license at the time of writing.

Withdrawal Speed and Support

BresBet’s payment methods lack flexibility compared to some of its more modern competitors. The site only accepts debit cards, which is clear from the logos of Mastercard, Visa, and Maestro on the homepage. This limitation may be problematic for players who prefer electronic payment methods such as e-wallets. Additionally, withdrawals from BresBet take two to five business days to process, with no chance of getting an instant or same-day withdrawal. We’re well into the age of instant withdrawals now, and BresBet appears out of step by not offering them.

Final Thoughts on BresBet

This is the newest Playbook Gaming Limited iGaming site, having been launched by businessman Nic Brereton in 2021. Nic’s promised players a “back to basics” approach to bookmaking, which explains the strongly traditional look and feel of the website. Nic owns both racehorses and greyhounds, so that further explains why those sports get so much attention here. It doesn’t do anything remarkable – none of the sites on this platform do – but it also doesn’t do anything wrong, and is more than capable of serving the needs of the average bettor.

Bresbet Sister Sites Player Reviews

Here are the thoughts of your fellow players about BresBet. The reviews are all real, but we’ve paraphrased them to keep them brief.

Don’t use this company, it’s terrible. The whole thing is a con, customer services never reply, and I have no idea why they’re even allowed to operate in the UK. Ought to be illegal. James, February 18th 2023. Source – Trustpilot.

The people who run BresBet are dishonest crooks. No phone number, no live chat, no way to speak to anybody. Promotions were taken away from me without explanation, and it akes an age to get a withdrawal. There are honest bookies out there, but this isn’t one of them. David, February 2nd 2023. Source – Trustpilot.

There should be an option to give a zero-star review, because this company deserves it. They took my deposit happily, but didn’t give me the bonus I was promised in return. It took them more than a week to resolve it. This isn’t a company you’d want to trust as your bookie.Anonymous, January 26th 2023. Source – Trustpilot.

I can’t even find a way of making a deposit on the BresBet website; you have to use the app. Their customer service team says it’s my bank’s fault, but if that’s true, why does it work on the app? It doesn’t sound like they can be bothered working out what’s wrong and fixing it.Daniel, December 2nd 2022. Source – Trustpilot.

BresBet is a pathetic little company. I had an account with them for fewer than two weeks. I placed one bet, won £3, and then got an email to tell me I’m banned from promotions without explanation. I replied and said that was disgraceful, and they closed my account. Don’t give them your business.Neil, November 9th 2022. Source – Trustpilot.