My Arcade sister sites

My Arcade sister sites

My Arcade sister sites include Bar X Arcade. My Arcade sister sites are operated by BXO Holdings Limited, licence number 57245 which operates 9 sister sites in total.

Sites like My Arcade

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My Arcade sister sites 2023

Bar X Arcade logo

You could say that BXO Holdings Limited has distinguished itself from the competition by taking a different approach to online casino gaming from most other networks. Unlike most online casinos, which strive to provide unique features and dazzling promotions, the operator’s My Arcade sister sites are nearly identical in appearance and game selection. The streamlined gaming experience won’t be to everybody’s tastes, and you could list the differences between Mr Arcade and Bar X Casino on the back of a postage stamp, but many players appreciate the simplicity and back-to-basics approach that it entails.

While the My Arcade sister sites offer what you might generously call “no-nonsense gameplay,” the selection of games they offer is still quite respectable so long as you go into them with an awareness that you’re going to be playing very simple, very classic slots. The issue is that you’re playing with the same very simple, very classic slots at every single one of the My Arcade sister sites on the network. That’s why we’ve only listed Bar X Arcade here. We could have picked any of them to look at, but Bar X Casino is close to the top of the list in alphabetical order and offers no more or no less than any of the others. If, for curiosities sake, you’d like to see a full list of all of the My Arcade sister sites, you’ll find one at the bottom of this page. You can take our word for it that they’re all the same, though.

We know that Bar X Arcade has its fans, and there might be a few readers out there who think we’re not doing it justice. To those players, we can only suggest visiting Bar X Casino and then My Arcade back to back to find out how similar they truly are. The only things that will change when you do are the logo and the background colour. Even the banner advert in the background with the dog – charming as it is – remains the same. Bar X Arcade can charitably be said to be like My Arcade in that it seeks to offer a no-frills, no-fuss gaming experience, and it succeeds in that aim, but we don’t think it would be completely out of order to suggest that it could stand to set its sights just a little higher.

My Arcade Information

Name My Arcade
#No. of Sister Sites 9
Best Sister Sites Bar X Arcade
Owner/Operator BXO Holdings Limited: 1st Floor Woodberry House, London, N12 0DR, United Kingdom
Sister sites status 1 Active, 8 White Labels and 0 Inactive sister sites. 9 total sister casinos.
UKGC Licence page UKGC Licence: 57245
Support Email
Twitter N/A – not on Twitter
Facebook N/A – not on Facebook

My Arcade operator – BXO Holdings Limited

bxo holdings casinos logo

We’d love to tell you more about the company behind My Arcade and all of the My Arcade sister sites, but we can’t. That’s not for want of trying. When it comes to BXO Holdings Limited, there just isn’t much information available about the company. What little we do know is mostly found on their website and on Companies House. According to its UK Gambling Commission license, BXO Holdings Limited is based in London and was incorporated on April 1st, 2020. This means that the company has only been around for a few years but has already launched over ten casinos. This rapid release schedule is largely thanks to the success of the operator’s white-label model, despite the fact that they misspelt “white label” on their “about us” pages at every single casino site on the platform.

While there is an official BXO Holdings website that lists the same address as their casinos, thus confirming that it’s not another company with the same name, it’s not immediately clear that the website is related to the casino network. In fact, the word “casino” isn’t mentioned anywhere on the website. Instead, BXO Holdings is described as a “service digital agency” that helps customers “expand their digital horizons.” Their core area of business is listed as “cloud computing,” with a focus on designing and developing websites, as well as providing digital marketing and technical support to turn those websites into a success. It is possible that their casino business is a spin-off of this core service. We’ve never previously heard of a casino network company that ended up in the iGaming business by accident, but perhaps BXO Holdings Limited is the first.

My Arcade review

My Arcade screenshot

My Arcade Sister Sites Welcome Bonuses

When it comes to promotions and bonuses, BXO Holdings Limited takes a minimalist approach with the casinos it operates. Unlike many online casinos, they do not offer any flashy promotions or complex bonuses. Instead, the focus is on straightforward gameplay and user-friendly navigation. There’s a positive to this approach from the operator’s point of view, which is that they’re never going to become the latest iGaming company to run into issues with the UK Gambling Commission over their promotional practices. While the lack of promotions may not appeal to some players, others appreciate the simplicity and transparency of the way My Arcade is presented. Some players simply don’t like promotions, so the absence of them at My Arcade is no skin off their noses.

Other Promotions

You should already know what we’re about to tell you here. My Arcade’s approach to promotions remains consistent and unchanged from what we told you a moment ago. The site was designed to function without bonuses and has no designated space for them. They simply do not exist here. However, that doesn’t have to mean that players can’t enjoy the time they spend at My Arcade; they simply need to find alternative ways to do so.

Top Games at My Arcade

My Arcade is, as we all know by now, a retro-themed iGaming site that aims to transport players back in time with its selection of classic-style games. The casino’s most popular slots all resemble traditional slot machines, evoking a sense of nostalgia for players looking for a throwback experience. The top three slots at the casino during our visit were Red Bar, Super Bar X, and Bar-X 7-Even. We’ll give you a brief summary of them below.

Red Bar is a Realistic Games title that gives off the impression of being much older than it is, with a design that apes the appearance of a vintage cabinet-based machine. You’d never guess it was made in 2021, which tells us that the provider has done a good job of giving it that intangible “yesteryear” feeling. The slot has a single payline, 96% RTP, and average volatility. Despite its conservative design, it manages to create a little space to include a free spins feature, which is something you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a slots game that looks like this.

Super Bar X is another Realistic Games online slots title that was designed specifically for Bar X Casino, although you’ll find that it’s available at several of the My Arcade sister sites. The fact that it exists at My Arcade at all is evidence of that. The slot has been online since 2020 and features three reels, average volatility, and the provider’s usual 96% RTP. The slot’s symbols consist only of Xs and Os (with the very occasional appearance o a bar symbol), and it doesn’t offer any bonus features at all. You’ll probably never come across a slots game that feels more genuinely old-school than this; it even has hold and nudge buttons.

Bar-X 7-Even is a Realistic Games slot with just one payline, the same 96% RTP as we’ve seen with the other games, but considerably higher volatility than the previous two slots. The slot further features a “mystery win” bonus spin, as well as free spins. While the bonus mechanics may be a bit complicated, players generally enjoy the mystery win feature. The inclusion of such a feature is a little bit of a risk when you consider the demographic that it was designed to appeal to, but it’s been done in such a way that it doesn’t detract from the basic structure of the game. As usual, it looks the part of a slot machine simulator, right down to the curve of the cabinet.

Customer Support and Licensing

My Arcade is, unfortunately, like the other sites operated by BXO Holdings Limited in that it doesn’t offer phone or live chat support to its customers, which is more than inconvenient if issues arise. Instead, customers must email and wait up to two working days for a response. The FAQ section on the site is useless, answering just two questions and providing little additional help. However, it’s worth noting that My Arcade is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission under license number 57245, held by BXO Holdings Limited. That means that despite its flaws, it’s considered safe. As of our review, the regulator hadn’t issued any fines or warnings to the operator, resulting in a clean license.

Withdrawal Speed and Support

The payment and withdrawal process at My Arcade is a bit of a mystery. All we know for sure is that the casino accepts Visa and Mastercard, as indicated by the logos on the homepage. Unfortunately, the FAQ and the casino’s terms and conditions don’t provide any further information about withdrawals. While it’s safe to assume that debit card withdrawals are available, the lack of transparency around other methods and processing times is concerning. Without this crucial information, players are left completely in the dark when it comes to when they can expect to receive their winnings. There’s no excuse for this – it’s the kind of information that should be easy to find at any casino worth its salt.

Final Thoughts on My Arcade

My Arcade’s safety as a gaming destination is called into question due to a few critical concerns. While the operator is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, the lack of customer support beyond a slow-to-respond email address raises eyebrows. Moreover, the absence of information regarding deposit and withdrawal options is also concerning. In addition to these concerns, the casino’s platform of mostly unknown, low-stakes slots may not justify the risk of playing with a casino that fails to deliver basic player information. Additionally, the misspelling of the term “white label” on the casino’s “about us” page calls into doubt the basic competence of the people tasked with running the casino. It’s all a bit of a mess.

My Arcade Sister Sites Player Reviews

Here are the thoughts of your fellow players about My Arcade. The reviews are all real, but we’ve paraphrased them to keep them brief.

When we go looking for player reviews of casinos, we primarily look at big-name review sites like Which Bingo, Trustpilot, and Ask Gamblers. To date, My Arcade has never received a single review at any of those sites. That probably tells us a lot of what we need to know about how popular My Arcade is (or isn’t). It’s a niche-interest casino site and doesn’t have a huge following. We always aim to bring our readers player feedback about the casinos we cover where it’s possible to do so, though, and so if reviews of My Arcade ever do appear, you’ll see them here.