Bar X Arcade sister sites

Bar X Arcade sister sites

Bar X Arcade sister sites include My Arcade. Bar X Arcade sister sites are operated by BXO Holdings Limited, licence number 57245 which operates 9 sister sites in total.

Sites like Bar X Arcade

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Bar X Arcade sister sites 2023

My Arcade logo

On paper, there are several Bar X Arcade sister sites. If you look at it another way, there are no Bar X Arcade sister sites at all. That’s because every single one of the BXO Holdings Limited casino sites is a clone. If you want a full list of every single casino site on this operator’s platform, scroll down to the bottom of this page, where you’ll find all of them named and identified. We’ve opted to include My Arcade here as a token example of what the Bar X Arcade sister sites look like, but the reality is that we could have chosen almost any of them. From Jammy Casino through to Seaside Slots, they’re the same pie served with different types of sauce to disguise the matching content.

Some of you might think we’re exaggerating this. If you’re one of them, try this:- Visit Bar X Arcade in your web browser, and then visit Mr Arcade. You’ll notice that the promotional banners don’t change, and neither does the layout. You might notice a slight shift in the background colour and perhaps a change in the order that slots are listed in on the casino’s homepage. That’s it. We’re going to provide a full review of Bar X Arcade further down this page, but that full review may as well be of My Arcade or any of the other Bar X Arcade sister sites; there really is nothing to pick between them.

There’s so little to the online casinos on the BXO Holdings Limited network that it’s hard to know what to say about them, but we’ll settle for this; they’re as basic as basic can be, and that’s the very heart of their appeal for the people who love playing at them. There are thousands of players out there who hate the complexity of modern promotions, don’t like seeing the same big-name games everywhere, and crave something smaller and quieter. If you’re one of them, then the Bar X Arcade sister sites are for you. Whether that’s My Arcade or another option from the BXO Holdings iGaming clone army is up to you, but you’ll find the same experience waiting for you at all of them.

Bar X Arcade Information

Name Bar X Arcade
#No. of Sister Sites 9
Best Sister Sites My Arcade
Owner/Operator BXO Holdings Limited: 1st Floor Woodberry House, London, N12 0DR, United Kingdom
Sister sites status 1 Active, 8 White Labels and 0 Inactive sister sites. 9 total sister casinos.
UKGC Licence page UKGC Licence: 57245
Support Email
Twitter N/A – not on Twitter
Facebook N/A – not on Facebook

Bar X Arcade operator – BXO Holdings Limited

bxo holdings casinos logo

When you’re talking about BXO Holdings Limited, it’s difficult to know where to start. That’s not because the history of the company is long and storied; it’s because virtually nothing whatsoever is known about it. What little we do know is mostly gleaned from a fairly anonymous company website and Companies House. From looking at the latter, we know that BXO Holdings Limited was incorporated on April 1st 2020, and has its head office in London. That’s consistent with the information listed on the company’s licence with the UK Gambling Commission. That means BXO Holdings has only been around for a few years, so the fact that it’s already been able to launch more than ten casinos is reasonably impressive. That’s all down to its white-label model. It might not be able to spell “white label” on the “about us” pages of any of its casinos, but it clearly has the model nailed.

There’s an official BXO Holdings website – and we know it belongs to the same company because it lists the same address – but you’d never know that it belonged to a casino network company if you landed on it without that information. The word “casino” doesn’t appear on the company’s website once. Instead, BXO Holdings is described as a “service digital agency” for customers who want to “expand their digital horizons.” The company’s core area of business is listed as “cloud computing.” The company claims that it can design and develop websites for any purpose and then provide digital marketing and technical support to turn that website into a success. Presumably, the casino side of the business is a spin-off.

Bar X Arcade review

Bar X Arcade screenshot

Bar X Arcade Sister Sites Welcome Bonuses

Move on; there’s nothing to see here. If you remember what we said about My Arcade during our very brief look at the Bar X Arcade sister sites, you’ll remember that we said the casinos on the BXO Holdings Limited platform are designed to be basic. We live in an era where casinos and casino network companies routinely get in trouble with the UK Gambling Commission for issues with their promotions, whether that’s how they’re advertised or how they’re implemented. BXO Holdings Limited is never going to have to worry about that because it doesn’t offer any promotions at all. It’s not that Bar X Arcade doesn’t roll out the red carpet for its new players; it’s that it doesn’t roll out any kind of carpet whatsoever.

Other Promotions

We haven’t changed our mind from one paragraph to the next, and neither has Bar X Arcade. It doesn’t have any more promotions now than it did thirty seconds ago. There isn’t even a space on the site where promotions could theoretically go; it was designed to function without them. There’s nothing to say that you can’t have a good time at Bar X Arcade – it’s just that you’ll have to find ways of having a good time that doesn’t involve the use of bonuses.

Top Games at Bar X Arcade

In keeping with the idea that Bar X Arcade is a throwback iGaming site designed for people looking for throwback games and retro fun, the most popular slots at the casino are all styled in the fashion of the classics. These were the top three slots at the casino as of the time of our visit to write this review.

Red Bar:Looking at Red Bar, you’d never know that Realistic Games released it in 2021. It looks far older, and that’s by design. Such is the simplicity of this game that it only has a single payline, which it pairs with 96% RTP and average volatility. The fact that there’s only one payline ought to be a clue that this is a traditional three-reeler, and it’s even designed to look like it’s being played in a real cabinet rather than an online slots site. Amazingly, Red Bar finds a way to include a free spins feature despite being so conservative in its approach.

Super Bar X:Based on the name alone, you should be able to spot that Super Bar X was designed specifically for Bar X Casino by Realistic Games, even though you’ll find it available at a few of the Bar X Arcade sister sites. This one’s been around since 2020, also has three reels, and also has 96% RTP with average volatility. If you’re looking for a reason to pick it ahead of Red Bar, the only one that we can think of is that it’s even more basic. There aren’t any bonus features in this game, and the only symbols on the reels are Xs and Os. Acclimatising to the game shouldn’t be a problem for anyone, and there are even some old-school hold and nudge buttons to make things feel more authentic.

Bar-X 7-Even:Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all of the Realistic Games slots are the same. Take Bar-X 7-Even, for example. If you can pronounce that name, you’re doing better than we are. This slot may still have a single payline and 96% RTP, but it’s far more volatile than the other two slots we’ve looked at in this section of the review. Free spins are back, and there’s also a “mystery win” bonus spin, although the mechanics of that are a little complicated. Still, you’ll find very few players who consider a “mystery win” to be a bad thing, and the slot once again does a good job of replicating the look and feel of a traditional cabinet-based fruity.

Customer Support and Licensing

With no disrespect intended to Bar X Arcade or BXO Holdings Limited, this is where things start to fall apart. Bar X Arcade doesn’t offer any telephone support for its customers, nor any live chat assistance. If something goes wrong, your only recourse is to email and wait up to two working days for someone to reply to you. The site’s FAQ is next to non-existent, so there’s no further help available. Bar X Arcade, like all of the Bar X Arcade sister sites, is covered by UK Gambling Commission licence 57245, as held by BXO Holdings Limited. To date, the operator hasn’t been fined, warned, or otherwise penalised by the regulator. The licence is clean.

Withdrawal Speed and Support

Here’s everything we know about payment and withdrawal processing at Bar X Arcade, summed up in a single sentence:- There are Visa and Mastercard logos printed in the footer of the casino’s homepage. That’s it. The FAQ doesn’t discuss the matter of withdrawals. The casino’s full terms and conditions, which are surprisingly short for a modern iGaming site, don’t mention withdrawals either. We’re going to hang our hats on the idea that those logos mean that debit card withdrawals are available at Bar X Arcade, but we can’t say whether any other methods or supported or how fast or slow the withdrawal process might be. Not providing this information to players is an enormous red flag.

Final Thoughts on Bar X Arcade

We don’t know how safe it is to play at this casino. We appreciate that the operator’s UK Gambling Commission licence was squeaky clean at the time this review was written, which is usually a positive sign, but we have massive concerns. Providing no customer service beyond an email address, with a two-day wait for replies, is a problem. Not providing any information about deposits and withdrawals is arguably an even bigger problem. The casino’s platform of two hundred mostly unheard of, low-intensity slots just doesn’t seem worth the risk of playing at a site that doesn’t do the basics in terms of providing information to players. At the end of the day, it can’t even manage to spell “white label” correctly on its “about us” page.

Bar X Arcade Sister Sites Player Reviews

Here are the thoughts of your fellow players about Bar X Arcade. The reviews are all real, but we’ve paraphrased them to keep them brief.

Bar X Arcade is a very niche casino, which you’ll already know if you’ve read the above review. It isn’t massively popular, and so it doesn’t often attract player reviews. In fact, it’s attracted only one review at any major review website, ever. We like to bring our readers player feedback where we can, but a single review isn’t enough to bring you a fair and balanced picture of how players feel about playing at Bar X Arcade. We’ll keep watch for further reviews, and should any appear, you’ll see them listed here when we’ve collected enough.