BXO Holdings casinos

BXO Holdings Casinos

BXO Holdings Casinos brands include My Arcade and Bar X Arcade. BXO Holdings Casinos is also known as BXO Holdings Limited, licence number 57245 which operates 1 active sites, 8 white labels and 0 inactive brands. This is 9 online casinos in total.

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Official BXO Holdings Casinos

My Arcade
My Arcade

My Arcade sister sites My Arcade sister sites include Bar X Arcade. My Arcade sister sites are operated by BXO Holdings Limited, licence number 57245 which operates 9 sister sites in total.Sites like My ArcadeMy Arcade sister sites 2023 You could say that BXO Holdings...

Bar X Arcade
Bar X Arcade

Bar X Arcade sister sites Bar X Arcade sister sites include My Arcade. Bar X Arcade sister sites are operated by BXO Holdings Limited, licence number 57245 which operates 9 sister sites in total.Sites like Bar X ArcadeBar X Arcade sister sites 2023 On paper, there are...

BXO Holdings Limited Information

bxo holdings casinos screenshot

Who are BXO Holdings Limited?

This London-based casino network company operates no fewer than twelve iGaming sites as of the time of writing, but we doubt you’ve heard of any of them. Most of them are run on a white-label basis for other companies, but we couldn’t say that any of them could be classed as a hit. That might have something to do with the fact that while BXO Holdings Limited might act as a casino network company, making casino sites isn’t really what the company does as a main focus.

It’s unusual for any casino network company to have twelve casinos on its books and for all of them to be unpopular, but then again, it’s unusual to see a casino network company that doesn’t treat making and maintaining casino sites as its main order of business. Taken all together, this makes BXO Holdings Limited quite a quirky company – and you can find out more about them below.

An overview of BXO Holdings Limited

It’s always easier for us to find out information about a casino network company when the casino network company in question is based in the UK. Since BXO Holdings Limited is based in London, information about the business is available at Companies House. We know, for example, that BXO Holdings Limited is still a fairly young company, having been incorporated in April 2020. We also know three directors are involved in the running of BXO Holdings Limited; Jason Frost, Andrew Jones, and Gabino Stergides.

The accounts filed with Companies House thus far suggest that the business is yet to turn a profit, but that’s not unusual for a company so young. Those same accounts state that BXO Holdings Limited has no employees, so it might be the case that the three people listed as directors represent the full extent of the company’s workforce.

BXO Holdings Limited in its own words

As we’ve said a couple of times now that BXO Holdings Limited doesn’t specialise in making casino or iGaming websites, you might be wondering what it specialises in instead. Fortunately, the company has a public-facing website, so it’s a question we can answer directly from the source. In its own words, BXO Holdings Limited “creates digital experiences that are inspirational and easy to use.” That appears to be an extremely fancy way of saying that the company makes business websites.

Describing itself as a “platform and service digital agency,” the company website confirms that the business is based in London and is there to assist people in the UK who wish to “expand their digital horizons.” The BXO Holdings workforce is described as a team of platform and website designers, but also expert marketers and IT specialists. Potential customers are invited to tell BXO Holdings Limited about their goals so the company can tell them how to achieve them – no matter what their project might be. It’s all very broad and general, with no mention of casinos or the iGaming industry whatsoever.

What BXO Holdings does

While it might feel a little like we’ve already answered this question, BXO Holdings Limited goes into a little more detail on its one-page website. The business has four main arms: design, development, digital marketing, and “technical.” The design team creates websites, the development team makes “web portals” and mobile apps, you can probably guess what the digital marketing team does, and the technical team is there to make your systems more reliable in order to maintain business continuity. Again, the language is a little fluffy, with almost no specific information given. We find it hard to believe that anyone would stumble across the BXO Holdings website and feel compelled to hire the firm based on its self-descriptions.

Besides the above, BXO Holdings also offers cloud computing services, through which customers can access high-power computers and servers through the cloud rather than having to fork out for expensive new hardware of their own. That’s likely to be an increasingly popular service as time goes on and might be the main cut and thrust of the BXO Holdings business. Overall, though, the website says a lot without saying anything. We’re not sure why the company is so reluctant to mention the fact that it works in the iGaming industry. Is it ashamed of it?

The white-label approach

While BXO Holdings operates twelve iGaming sites (all of which are slots-based casinos), only one of those casinos (Bar X Arcade) is directly owned and operated by the company. All of the others are white-label products, thus necessitating the involvement of at least one third-party entity. We suspect that in the case of BXO Holdings, it might be one or two entities assisting in the operations of a few casinos each rather than eleven separate individuals or businesses. The casinos look too similar for that to be the case. How BXO Holdings attracts white-label customers when it doesn’t make any mention of offering white-label services on its website is a mystery.

BXO Holdings Limited and the UK Gambling Commission

BXO Holdings Limited mysteriously fails to mention another highly relevant detail on its company website: it holds a full UK Gambling Commission licence. It wouldn’t be able to operate casino sites in the UK if it didn’t. The licence was granted in December 2020 – the same year the business was incorporated, but quite a few months down the line – and is held under account number 57245. As of the time this page was written, the licence was clean. BXO Holdings Limited has never been fined by the UK Gambling Commission, and nor has it ever been warned, suspended, or otherwise sanctioned by the regulator. That’s a perfect track record and one that we’re sure the company will be doing everything in its power to maintain.

The Top BXO Holdings Limited Sites

My Arcade

My Arcade logo

The first thing you’re likely to notice when you land on the homepage of My Arcade is a banner graphic of a dog sitting in an armchair. It’s an unusual image, but one that you’ll see a lot if you flit between the casino sites on this platform – almost all of the design elements are copied across from one casino to the next, so there’s very little – some would say nothing at all – to pick between them. The My Arcade dog is apparently there to illustrate that players at My Arcade can play from the comfort of their own homes, which is true of literally every online casino site in the world, so it isn’t much of a selling point.

In terms of the games on offer at My Arcade, they’re a fairly miserable-looking lot. The website – nor any of its sister sites – have partnerships with any major slots and games providers, so the options are limited to titles that have either been developed in-house or provided by little-known designers. There are odd exceptions here and there – Blood Queen is available at My Arcade, for example – but the bottom line is that there are only 178 games available at the site in total, and very few of them are hits. Throw in the fact there are no promotions, and it’s hard to imagine anyone getting overly excited about the prospect of playing here.

Bar X Arcade

Bar X Arcade logo

As we alluded to above, you’ll struggle to see any significant differences if or when you move between My Arcade and Bar X Arcade. Both casinos have the same splash banner graphics and feature the same games. While the casinos are dead ringers for each other from an aesthetic point of view, though, the same can’t be said for them in terms of how they’re put together behind the scenes. My Arcade is a white-label casino. Bar X Arcade is the one and only casino site on the BXO Holdings Limited platform that the company owns and operates directly.

The fact that Bar X Arcade is the only directly-operated BXO Holdings Limited site means, in theory at least, that this is the flagship site of the casino network. It also means it’s the shop window – this is the casino that BXO Holdings wants potential white-label customers to look at when they’re evaluating whether or not they want to purchase casino services from the company. As such, it’s surprising that the site isn’t better. Shop window casinos are usually superior to their sister sites because the operator shows off the sum total of its capabilities in an attempt to win custom. The reality of Bar X Arcade is that it literally does nothing that My Arcade doesn’t do.

Seaside Slots

Seaside Slots logo

Seaside Slots might offer the exact same content as the two sister sites we’ve looked at thus far, including the same slots appearing in the same order on its homepage, but it has at least made an attempt to differentiate itself in terms of aesthetics. The theme is “seaside,” and as such, the side has a suitable logo and a sandy yellow colour scheme. The emphasis appears to be on “local jackpots” – for example, one of the banner graphics claims that there’s a £350 jackpot available specifically for players in Luton, but the mechanics of how players might win these “local jackpots” are never explained.

There’s another feature advertised at Seaside Slots that we can’t get to the bottom of. The casino claims that players can “chat with their own community,” again suggesting that the site somehow takes into account a player’s location and provides them with localised chat rooms to speak to people in their area. If this is the case, we can’t find any direct evidence of it on the casino. As best as we can make out, the casino is offering a feature that doesn’t exist.

Voodoo Slots

Voodoo Slots logo

Voodoo Slots is directly comparable to Seaside Slots in that it’s yet another instance of the same casino, but attempts have been made to make it stand out from the crowd by using a different theme and colour scheme. You don’t need us to tell you what the theme of Voodoo Casino is – all the information is right there in the site’s name. Rather than being a “scary” depiction of black magic and the dark arts, though, Voodoo Slots takes inspiration from the slightly camper and more colourful style of voodoo imagery that you might see in and around New Orleans in the United States of America.

There’s something else that’s worthy of note at Voodoo Slots – it has better slots than any of the other BXO Holdings casinos we’ve looked at so far. Familiar names like Fishin’ Frenzy and Eye of Horus appear on the casino’s homepage in place of the generic, unknown slots we’ve seen at every other casino on the platform so far. We wish we knew why this is, but we don’t. It’s possible that the white-label partner that worked with BXO Holdings on Voodoo Slots was willing to pay a little more in order to obtain access to a better quality of games.

Jammy Casino

Jammy Casino logo

If all the casinos on the BXO Holdings Limited network looked like Jammy Casino, the platform as a whole might be a lot better thought of than it actually is. It doesn’t use the same template as the other casinos in the family, nor does it make the same mistakes. All the other BXO Holdings white-label casinos we’ve looked at, for example, misspell their status as “white-lable” on their “about us” pages. You won’t catch Jammy Casino making such an amateurish error.

Jammy Casino also dedicates far more space on its homepage to showcasing its collection of slots and casino games than its sister sites do, which makes the collection look a lot bigger. That’s a double-edged sword, though, because it means players can see how weak the collection is as a whole. There are a few well-known slots in there, but as is the case with all of its siblings, the games portfolio of Jammy Casino is padded out with a lot of very basic content. It still can’t be considered an above-average casino because of its total lack of promotions, but it’s head and shoulders clear of the other BXO Holdings sites on this list.

Full list of BXO Holdings Limited casinos

  • Bar X Arcade (Live)
  • My Arcade (Live)
  • My Arkade (Live)
  • My Magic Reels (Live)
  • Palace Slots (Live)
  • Reels Casino (Live)
  • Richmond Slots (Live)
  • Seaside Slots (Live)
  • Voodoo Slots (Live)