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BoyleSports brands include Boyle Sports Live Casino, Boyle Sports Vegas, Boyle Sports Poker and Boyle Sports Casino. BoyleSports is also known as BoyleSports, licence number 39469 which operates 21 active sites, 0 white labels and 0 inactive brands. This is 21 online casinos in total.

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BoyleSports Information

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Who are BoyleSports?

This will sound like a stupid answer, but BoyleSports is BoyleSports. The name of the company is the same as the name of the range of iGaming and betting sites that it operates. There are currently nineteen licenced BoyleSports betting shops in the UK, and there might be one near you. If you don’t know BoyleSports as an “in-person” bookie, though, you probably know it for the online aspects of the company’s operations, which we’ll go into full detail about a little further down this page.

BoyleSports has become a bigger name since the beginning of the internet era of gambling, but it was already well-established in the physical realm by then. In fact, it’s been accepting bets since the 1980s. How did BoyleSports get started, and what’s the company’s story? We’re about to tell you.

An overview of BoyleSports

BoyleSports is an Irish company, as you might be able to tell from the name. It was founded in 1982 in Dundalk, which is still where the company’s head office is today. However, if you want to write to BoyleSports about anything to do with its casino sites, you’d be wasting your time addressing your letter to Dundalk. BoyleSports is neatly divided in two, with the Dundalk office handling the BoyleSports betting premises and the physical retail side of the brand, and a satellite office in Gibraltar responsible for handling the operator’s websites.

It took BoyleSports quite a while to reach the UK after opening in Ireland, but as of the time of writing, we believe the company to have a little over 320 betting shops to go with its websites (or website – we’ll get into the finer points of that when we look at the BoyleSports brands further down this page.

The history of BoyleSports

We’ve covered the basics of BoyleSports’ history in the paragraphs above, but here’s a deeper dive. The first-ever BoyleSports betting shop was opened in Markethill, County Armagh, by John Boyle in 1982. Now you know where the company’s name comes from. John Boyle didn’t initially envision his business as a franchise or a chain, and so the company was slow to grow in its early years. It wasn’t until 1989 that a further five BoyleSports shops were opened in Drogheda. Even after that, the company didn’t expand any further until it opened a further fourteen shops elsewhere in Northern Ireland in 2002. Most of BoyleSports’ growth, both offline and online, has occurred since the turn of the century.

The advent of the internet and the decision to open fourteen more shops in 2002 seemed to spur BoyleSports into high gear. Barely two years later, the company had seventy-seven betting shops under management. Two years after that in 2006, the one hundredth BoyleSports shop opened. Having expanded significantly and with money coming in, BoyleSports began buying up its competition. Seventeen shops were acquired from Celtic Bookmakers following the collapse of that company in 2011, followed by a further fifteen former William Hill shops that were bought and rebranded as BoyleSports venues later that same year.

By 2018, BoyleSports still hadn’t made any significant steps online, and it was being left behind by other bookmakers. It had 250 shops by that point, but without a proper online presence, it was leaving money on the table. That changed in September of that year, with new CEO Conor Gray taking over the reins of the business from the retiring John Boyle and deciding to lead it in a new direction.

Breaking into Britain

For all of its growth, BoyleSports was still “just” a Northern Irish business in 2018, with no presence on the UK mainland. As Conor Gray continued to push for expansion, BoyleSports finally entered England in June 2019, buying up thirteen betting shops formerly owned by Wilf Gilbert in the Midlands. Northern Ireland remains its main priority in terms of opening shops, though, with a further thirty-three former William Hill shops added to its ever-expanding portfolio in January 2020. That move made BoyleSports the biggest retail bookmaker in Ireland.

The most recent big move made by BoyleSports was the November 2021 acquisition of Tully’s, which included all ten of the former Tully’s betting shops plus its telephone betting service. While it remains to be seen whether the company will continue to add additional shops, the 2020s have thus far seen the online side of the BoyleSports business rapidly gain traction and popularity.

Where have you seen the BoyleSports name before?

If you’re looking at the BoyleSports logo and thinking that it looks familiar, it might be because you’ve come across one of the company’s multiple sponsorships before. For football fans, the biggest of the BoyleSports sponsorships to date was that of Birmingham City. Sponsoring Birmingham City made perfect sense for BoyleSports, as the only English presence the brand has is in the Midlands, and when the deal was announced in June 2019, Birmingham City said it was the most valuable shirt sponsorship the club had ever had.

Since sponsoring Birmingham City, BoyleSports has also become the official betting partner of Wolverhampton Wanderers and the shirt sponsor of Coventry City. You’ll also find several BoyleSports sponsorships in the worlds of horse racing, darts, and greyhound racing. Famous sporting names who’ve served as ambassadors for BoyleSports include Steven Gerrard, Stan Collymore and Kevin Kilbane.

BoyleSports and the UKGC

BoyleSports has not one but two licences with the UK Gambling Commission; one that covers its British mainland betting shops (all nineteen of them) and one which covers its online operations. We’re a sister sites website, so we’ll focus on the licence that covers the BoyleSports website. It’s number 39469, and we’re sorry to note that it isn’t clean.

In October 2020, BoyleSports was handed a financial penalty by the UKGC and also had further conditions attached to its licence along with a formal warning. This came after the UK Gambling Commission reviewed the operator’s licence and identified breaches of licence conditions relating to the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, as well as further anti-money laundering measures aimed specifically at operators based abroad – which, from the point of view of the UKGC, BoyleSports is. BoyleSports is recorded to have “acknowledged the failings from the outset” and co-operated with the investigation, but that didn’t save it from a fine of £2.8m.

The Top BoyleSports Casinos and Betting Sites


BoyleSports logo

The most famous and popular of the BoyleSports brands is, fairly obviously, BoyleSports itself. It’s the sports betting aspect of the company, and it’s what the BoyleSports brand is best known for. You could even make an argument that there aren’t any BoyleSports brands apart from this one because all of the other BoyleSports “sites” we’ve listed below are actually contained as mini-sites within the main one.

The idea behind the primary BoyleSports site is to provide you with everything you’ll find inside a regular BoyleSports betting shop and then some. If you know anything about the BoyleSports brand, you’ll know to expect a heavy focus on horse and greyhound racing on this website – it’s a very traditional bookie. You can also event on non-sporting events at the site, though, and there ought to be enough perks and offers to persuade players to stay loyal so long as they don’t mind the fact that the website looks a touch “rustic.”

BoyleSports Poker

BoyleSports Poker logo

We just said that the BoyleSports website looks and feels a little “rustic,” by which we mean it has a dated approach to presentation. We’ve also said that all of the BoyleSports sister sites are actually mini-sites contained within the prime site, so BoyleSports Poker could be described as a little “rustic” looking, too. In the case of BoyleSports Poker, though, the old-school approach goes deeper than just looking slightly behind the times.

A few years ago, it was commonplace for poker websites (and, to be honest, other iGaming sites) to ask visitors to download specialist software before they started playing. Players always found it a little invasive, and so most sites have stopped doing it. If you visit Sky Poker, for example, you can play poker games through your browser. BoyleSports Poker offers a limited poker experience through a browser, but if you truly want to get the best out of the site, you have to download the software. It might struggle to attract new players for that plain and simple reason.

BoyleSports Casino

BoyleSports Casino logo

There’s more than a little overlap between the various BoyleSports sister sites, and if we’re honest, we’re not sure there’s a real need for BoyleSports Casino, BoyleSports Live Casino, BoyleSports Vegas and BoyleSports Games to exist as separate brands. That’s the way that BoyleSports has divided its website up, though, and so we’ll go with it. However, we’d suggest that you don’t need to visit the Vegas, Games or Live Casino brands if you want to play casino games – you can go straight to BoyleSports Casino, where you’ll find pretty much everything that the other sub-brands can offer you.

BoyleSports Casino is all about balance – it doesn’t specialise in slots as much as BoyleSports Games does, and it doesn’t specialise in live casino gaming as much as BoyleSports Live Casino does, but it has a combination of the two categories working in tandem. That makes BoyleSports Casino the operator’s best “all-rounder” casino site. Unusually, the BoyleSports Casino groups slots by operator and franchise rather than by popularity, which is why there’s an enormous slice of the available space on the homepage handed over to Playtech’s “Age of the Gods” series. Some players will find the layout to be a breath of fresh air, but others might find it frustrating.

BoyleSports Bingo

BoyleSports Bingo logo

The various BoyleSports sister sites are sometimes guilty of looking a little too much like each other – so much so that you could accidentally switch between one and another without noticing. The one exception to that statement is BoyleSports Bingo, which has its own distinct branding and colour scheme. The colour in question is pink, which probably has something to do with outdated ideas about women, bingo, and the colour pink, but at least it makes BoyleSports Bingo stand out in a way that its sister sites fail to match.

Bingo games and rooms come thick and fast at BoyleSports Bingo. If you visit the website during peak times, you’ll find that as many as three new rooms open every minute. The rooms appear to be busy, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding games to play and people to chat with. Our biggest issue with BoyleSports Bingo is that it also offers slots games. Given how many of the other BoyleSports sister sites already offer slots, there’s simply no reason for BoyleSports Bingo to do so. It would do better by sticking to what it’s good at.

BoyleSports Vegas

BoyleSports Vegas logo

Does BoyleSports Vegas truly exist at all? That might sound like an existential question, but it’s actually a practical one. All of the other BoyleSports sister sites have unique visual identities, including logos and mini-sites. BoyleSports Vegas doesn’t – it’s merely a different landing page for BoyleSports Games. The only reason we list it separately at all is that it has its own entry on BoyleSports’ UK Gambling Commission licence, which means that someone somewhere at BoyleSports believes that BoyleSports Vegas is a unique entity even if the evidence to support the idea doesn’t stack up.

BoyleSports Vegas focuses mainly on jackpot slots. BoyleSports Games also focuses mainly on jackpot slots, but given that we’ve already established that they’re basically the same site, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. The only other thing that’s noteworthy about BoyleSports Vegas is that it doesn’t have any live casino games to offer. That makes it the only one of the casino-focused BoyleSports sister sites to lack this feature, which is something of an oddity. When people think of Las Vegas, they tend to think of live dealers and live tables more than they think of slots. Chopping the live casino off the BoyleSports Vegas proposition seems counter-productive, but who are we to question BoyleSports?