Grace Media casinos

Grace Media Casinos

Grace Media Casinos brands include Spinz Casino, Lucky Ladies Bingo, Belgravia Casino and Planet Rock Casino. Grace Media Casinos is also known as Grace Media (Gibraltar) Limited, licence number 57869 which operates 4 active sites, 32 white labels and 85 inactive brands. This is 121 online casinos in total.

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Official Grace Media Casinos

Belgravia Casino
Captain Wins
Casino Roo
Dice Den Casino
Fruity Wins
Jackpot Mobile Casino
Jungle Spins
Lucky Ladies Bingo
Mayfair Casino
Planet Rock Casino
Windfall Casino
Awesome Spins
Rich Ride Casino
Spinz Casino

Grace Media (Gibraltar) Limited Information

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Who are Grace Media (Gibraltar) Limited?

Grace Media Limited (or should that be Grace Media Gibraltar Limited?) is a company that’s done an awful lot in a very short space of time. It came from nowhere in 2019, set up shop in the UK, amassed a collection of more than one hundred casinos and iGaming sites, moved to Gibraltar, and then closed down most of its casinos. It takes most casino operators a decade or more to amass that kind of history of change. Whatever Grace Media is or isn’t, it’s clearly a company that’s in a hurry – and it’s the very definition of an “industry disruptor.”

While we might have said that Grace Media “came from nowhere,” that’s a turn of phrase. It clearly came from somewhere – and that specific “somewhere” was Manchester. This is an iGaming company with an interesting story behind it, and we’ll tell the story below.

An overview of Grace Media (Gibraltar) Limited

The present-day version of Grace Media (Gibraltar) Limited can be found in Gibraltar – or, at least, its theoretical head office can. It has an address listed in Hadfield House, which is the same address that’s used by quite a lot of casino network companies that have theoretical head offices in Gibraltar. It’s no secret that basing an iGaming company in Gibraltar is an awful lot cheaper from a taxation point of view than basing one in the United Kingdom, and that’s why you’ll find so many casino operators there. It’s perfectly legal for the operators to structure themselves this way, and it makes good business sense to do so.

At one point in its brief history, Grace Media operated more than 120 casinos, bingo sites and other iGaming sites, almost all of which ran on a white-label basis. Things have changed dramatically since then. The total number of iGaming sites that Grace Media is currently responsible for is closer to thirty, and even then, quite a few of those thirty are no longer available in the UK. We’ll take a closer look at the biggest and best casinos on the Grace Media platform a little further down this page, but before we do, let’s look at how it all began for this operator.

Grace Media history

Grace Media was incorporated in 2019, which is as good as yesterday in iGaming terms. The company’s first head office was on King Street in Manchester, which is considered the heart of the city and a desirable address. Although the “official” HQ of the company is in Gibraltar today, the Manchester office is still open, and that’s still where you’ll find nearly all of the operator’s employees. That presumably includes Warren Jacobs, Grace Media’s founder and CEO. He was no newcomer to the iGaming scene when he launched the company; he’s a veteran with many years of experience and is respected enough to be called upon as a judge for the Global Gaming Awards each year.

After setting up shop in 2019, Grace Media Limited truly set about its business the following year. By mid-2020, the operator had more than one hundred iGaming sites to its name. It would have been impossible for a big casino network company to come up with so many casinos in such a short space of time, let alone a startup, but that’s not how Grace Media grew so quickly. Instead, it took advantage of the closure of Nektan, which was formerly a large-scale casino operator. When Nektan’s former casinos and bingo sites became available to the highest bidder, Grace Media made the highest bid.

A change of address

With a UK Gambling Commission licence and a string of successful iGaming sites, everything appeared to be going well for Grace Media. That’s why it was a shock to many in the industry when the company voluntarily surrendered its UKGC licence in May 2022. That wasn’t Grace Media giving up the ghost, though; far from it. Instead, it was Grace Media preparing to take things to the next level. Two months before surrendering its original licence, Grace Media officially relocated to Gibraltar and applied for a new UK Gambling Commission licence under the new name of Grace Media (Gibraltar) Limited. The licence was awarded in March 2022 – so this was a move that was planned well in advance – and remains in force today.

Since then, there has been a spate of closures of Grace Media casinos. From the outside, it’s difficult to say whether this should be seen as a cause for concern or not. As we’ve said earlier, Grace Media is primarily a white-label casino operator. Almost all the casinos that have closed down were previously white-label. They could have been shut down by Grace Media because they were unprofitable, or they could have been shut down by the operator’s white-label partners because they wanted to get out of the iGaming business. In any event, the closure of so many sites must surely have resulted in a drop in income for the operator. The official Grace Media website is still touting for new white-label partners and advertising vacancies within the firm, though, so we presume that the company is still focused on moving forwards.

Grace Media (Gibraltar) Limited and the UK Gambling Commission

Those of you who’ve read our company profile of Grace Media above will be aware that the operator has a UK Gambling Commission licence. In fact, it’s onto its second UK Gambling Commission licence, with a second licence obtained after the company changed both its name and its address in 2022. The account number for the new licence is 57869. The licence is clean, with no fines or other regulatory incidents on record. While you could argue that the company hasn’t had much time to blot its copybook after obtaining the licence in March 2022, we should point out that its previous licence was also clean right up until the point when it was surrendered.

The Top Grace Media Casinos

Planet Rock Casino

Planet Rock Casino logo The biggest of the surviving Grace Media Limited casino sites – by quite some considerable distance, in fact – is Planet Rock Casino. Quite a lot of you will already be familiar with the name, branding and logo of this iGaming site. It’s the official casino site of Planet Rock Radio, which is one of the very few genuinely rock and metal-orientated radio stations in the UK. A few years ago, there was also a Planet Rock television channel as part of the Freeview package, but the channel is long gone. Perhaps the Planet Rock brand isn’t what it once was, but then again, neither is rock music. Having a brand as well-known as Planet Rock as a paying partner is a big boost to Grace Media (Gibraltar) Limited as an operator, as the brand could have chosen any one of several dozen white-label partners, but Grace Media is the one that got the nod. In return, Grace Media has ensured that Planet Rock Casino feels like the best casino on its entire platform, with a generous welcome promotion and a homepage that wasn’t designed with the same template as all the others. We imagine that most of the other casinos on the platform have the same range of music-themed slots as Planet Rock Casino, but Planet Rock Casino makes them all easily accessible via the homepage.

Windfall Casino

Windfall Casino logo One of the many things that can be learned from looking at Planet Rock Casino is the importance of having a theme. We’re not exaggerating when we say there are more than a thousand casino and iGaming sites out there for players in the UK to choose from. While there are some successful theme-less casinos among the most popular ones, they’re the exception rather than the rule. If you want to attract the attention of potential players and keep the attention of those that you always have, a theme is usually a necessity. You can probably guess where we’re going with this – Windfall Casino doesn’t have a theme. The closest Windfall Casino gets to having a personality is the static photo of Las Vegas in the background of its homepage, which isn’t an inspired or original choice. On top of that, Windfall Casino is one of Grace Media’s “stripped back” iGaming sites. While plenty of casinos on this platform have live dealers and live gaming suites, Windfall Casino isn’t one of them – it’s strictly slots only. It might be a good choice for those who want to play classic slots due to the plethora of them taking up feature space on the homepage, but that’s about all.

Mayfair Casino

Mayfair Casino logo Mayfair Casino tries very hard to convince players that it’s the official iGaming presence of an officially-licensed, highly-desirable real-world brick-and-mortar casino venue in Mayfair, London. It isn’t, of course, but we can’t fault the casino for trying – especially not after everything we just said about Windfall Casino and its lack of a visual identity or theme. The casino site goes as far as having a “heritage” section to give it the illusion of having history, but the history listed there is the history of casinos in Mayfair in a broad and general sense. This particular “Mayfair Casino” didn’t exist until 2020. Landing page aside, Mayfair Casino was put together using the same design template as quite a few other Grace Media casinos past and present. That might ruin the “bespoke” look the casino is going for, but only if you’ve encountered any of the Mayfair Casino sister sites before. You’d expect any “luxury” casino to have a large live dealer and live game section, and Mayfair Casino doesn’t disappoint anyone on that front. It’s not as impressive a casino as Planet Rock Casino is, but it’s certainly not bad.

Dice Den

Dice Den logo Grace Media’s business model is almost entirely based around making white-label casinos for other people and then helping those people to run the casinos. However, you can only succeed as a white-label casino operator if you have a few “shop window” casinos for people to look at so they can work out whether or not they want to pay you to make a white-label casino for them. Dice Den is one such shop window – it’s one of a small handful of casinos that the operator runs itself without any assistance or input from anybody else. One of the consequences of being a digital showhome is that Dice Den was put together with Grace Media’s basic design template. It doesn’t have a great deal of visual flair, and its name doesn’t make any sense. “Dice” implies table games, but almost all the casino games at Dice Den are slots. If there’s anything to recommend Dice Den for, it’s the welcome promotion; the total sum available is far higher than you’ll find at the majority of casinos on the Grace Media network, but be wary of the associated wagering requirements.

Casino Roo

Casino Roo logo It doesn’t take a genius to work out that an iGaming site with a name like “Casino Roo” is going to have an Australian theme. What’s surprising about Casino Roo is that the theme doesn’t really extend much further than the site’s logo, which uses the outline of a kangaroo as part of its shape. Aside from that, there aren’t many nods to Australia anywhere to be seen. Instead, the aesthetic is classy and upmarket – far more upmarket, dare we say, than Mayfair Casino. It looks like considerably more time and money was spent on putting Casino Roo together. A lot of the imagery on the homepage of Casino Roo is classic and traditional. That starts with the glamorous woman who’s playing cards while gazing at you from her vantage point in front of a row of traditional slot machines. New players can pick from either free spins or a cashback offer as a “welcome gift” when they join the casino for the first time, and there are additional rewards available for VIP players. The only question we’re left with is why on Earth was such a downmarket name chosen for an upmarket casino site.

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