Gamesys casinos

Gamesys Casinos

Gamesys Casinos brands include Heart Bingo, Smooth Bingo, Monopoly Casino and Virgin Games. Gamesys Casinos is also known as Gamesys Operations Limited, licence number 38905 which operates 3 active sites, 5 white labels and 5 inactive brands. This is 13 online casinos in total.

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Official Gamesys Casinos

Double Bubble Bingo
Megaways Casino
Monopoly Casino
Rainbow Riches Casino
Virgin Games
Heart Bingo
Smooth Bingo

Gamesys Operations Limited Information

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Who Are Gamesys?

If you want to know who Gamesys are, all you need to do is ask them; the operator has its own public-facing website, which you’ll find here. It’s neatly divided into sections for careers, investors, and contacts and gives you a sense of how the company feels about itself. There’s a bold statement right in the middle of the Gamesys website; it tells readers that this is a “leading online gaming operator” and that the business is “well positioned strategically for growth.” That’s the kind of language that tells you two things; firstly, that the company has a high opinion of itself, and secondly, that its website is designed more for business customers than it is for the general public.

The most important piece of information that the Gamesys Operations homepage gives away isn’t anything to do with its status as a leading operator or how well positioned for growth it might be, though; it’s in the headline that comes before that, which reads “Gamesys, a Bally’s Corporation Company.” The first thing that Gamesys wants readers to know about it is that it belongs to somebody else. What is Bally’s Corporation, and why is it relevant? We’ll come to that in a moment or two. Before we do, let’s look at another vital source of information – Wikipedia.

Gamesys Operations Limited on Wikipedia

Just the fact that Gamesys Operations Limited has a Wikipedia page is a big deal; very few casino network companies are considered important enough to justify one. When you come across one that does, you know the operator is a big deal. The Wikipedia entry on Gamesys is more of a stub than a detailed overview of what the company is and what it does, but there are still some valuable pieces of information there that you won’t necessarily find on the Gamesys website. It tells us, for example, that Gamesys was founded by three software developers (Noel Hayden, Andrew Dixon and Robin Tombs) in 2001. It also tells us that Virgin Games is a rare example of an iGaming site that was bought into the company rather than developed in-house; Gamesys acquired the site in January 2013. More interesting than that, though, is what happened next.

Gamesys Operations and JackpotJoy

If you know a thing or two about Gamesys Operations Limited, you’ll know that it owns and operates the JackpotJoy iGaming brand. The story of Gamesys Operations and JackpotJoy is long and complicated, but we’ll try to condense it for you. In February 2015, Gamesys sold the JackpotJoy brand to a company called the Intertain Group for a reported £425.8m. The Intertain Group then rebranded itself as the JPJ group, naming itself after its high-profile acquisition.

Four years later, in September 2019, The JPJ Group came back for more, purchasing Gamesys Operations as a reverse takeover and then renaming itself as “The Gamesys Group.” To phrase all of this another way, Gamesys operations sold JackpotJoy, and then further down the line, JackpotJoy came back and bought Gamesys Operations before taking on the name. If that sounds confusing to you, imagine how the people working for the company must have felt at the time.

Gamesys Operations Limited and the UKGC

Very large casino network companies tend to have multiple licenses. Gamesys Operations Limited, which is based in Gibraltar, has several. Sister Site is an information resource for players in the UK, though, so we only concern ourselves with whether an operator has the right licence to operate domestically. We’re pleased to report that Gamesys Operations Limited does, and it’s held with the UK Gambling Commission under account no. 38905.

The current UKGC licence held by Gamesys Operations has been in force since November 2014, although the company itself has obviously been around for far longer than that. The licence currently covers fifteen active casinos, some of which are operated on a white-label basis rather than being operated by Gamesys acting alone. More importantly, there are no regulatory actions recorded against Gamesys. That means no fines, no suspensions, no warnings and no sanctions. We’ll update this page if that ever changes, but for now, Gamesys can be considered squeaky clean from a regulatory point of view.

Gamesys Operations and Bally’s Corporation

The company was flying high in early March 2021 when Bally’s Corporation made an offer of $2.7bn to purchase it. We’ve listed the price in dollars because that’s how it was paid; Bally’s Corporation is an American iGaming company. Given the value of the offer, a sale was always likely – and so it proved to be the case. The deal went through in October 2021, and Gamesys Operations Limited became a Bally’s property. That begs the same question we asked further up this page; who or what is Bally’s Corporation?

The first thing you should know about Bally’s Corporation, other than the fact that it’s an American business, is that it’s not as old as Gamesys. Bally’s was founded in 2004, three years after Gamesys was incorporated. The second thing you should know is that it’s absolutely enormous. An estimated 5500 people work for Bally’s Corporation, and the company is believed to have total assets of £1.93bn with revenue of £372m per annum. As enormous as the price tag attached to its assets is, the revenue figure of Gamesys is actually higher than that of Bally’s, with an estimated £727m coming in each year.

You’ll find the headquarters of Bally’s Corporation in Providence, Rhode Island, from which it supervises not only the entities it owns (like Gamesys) but also its fifteen brick-and-mortar casinos, its horse racing tracks, and its fantasy sports games. It used to own dog tracks, too, but they’ve been closed down as interest in the sport has declined in recent years. Of all the many things that Bally’s Corporation has ever bought, the strangest is the Association of Volleyball Professionals in the USA, which it purchased in July 2021.

That’s the story of Gamesys in a nutshell; it was formed, sold JackpotJoy, was in turn bought out by JackpotJoy, and is now owned by an enormous American iGaming giant. It also owns and operates some of the top iGaming sites on the UK scene – so let’s look at the best of them.

The Top Gamesys Operations Limited Casinos


Jackpotjoy logo JackpotJoy is, as we said above, an iGaming site with a storied history. It was once the jewel in the Gamesys crown but was bought out from underneath it only to come back years later and buy the company. Having done so, it’s restored itself to the position of “flagship brand” on the Gamesys Operations network. Thanks to a long-running series of television adverts which have, in the past, starred household names like Barbara Windsor and Paddy McGuiness, JackpotJoy is a familiar name even to people who’ve never gambled before. It has every right to call itself the country’s biggest bingo site. While JackpotJoy would be happy with the description “bingo site” because that’s how it sees itself, it’s not a fair description of everything that it does. Bingo is the order of the day, but JackpotJoy also offers slots, poker, Slingo, live casino games, and all the other niceties you’d expect to find at a world-class iGaming destination. On top of all this, don’t forget JackpotJoy’s long-standing promise never to impose any wagering requirements against the various promotions that it offers. That isn’t the only reason that JackpotJoy is so popular, but it certainly doesn’t hurt its appeal.

Virgin Games

Virgin Games logo Those of you who read everything we had to say about the history of Gamesys Operations further up this page will know that Virgin Games isn’t like the other casinos and iGaming sites on this platform. The rest of them were all developed in-house by Gamesys, Virgin Games, on the other hand, was bought in from elsewhere. You’d never be able to guess that by looking at the casino today; it’s been given “the Gamesys treatment” and looks much like any of its sister sites, save for the distinctive branding and colour scheme. Virgin Games is not to be confused with Virgin Bet, which is a totally different site on a totally different casino network. Virgin Bet is primarily a sports betting website. Virgin Games doesn’t offer any sports betting at all. In fact, when it comes to content, Virgin Games has virtually the same portfolio as JackpotJoy, right down to the inclusion of bingo and Slingo games. It even repeats the JackpotJoy guarantee of never imposing wagering requirements against winnings – although the same is true of quite a few of the casinos on this platform.

Double Bubble Bingo

Double Bubble Bingo logo You may or may not be familiar with the series of “Double Bubble” online slots games that inspired the creation of this iGaming site. If you’re not, the good news is that you don’t need to know anything about them in order to enjoy playing at Double Bubble Bingo. Instead, all you need is a deep love of bingo and a tolerance of the somewhat garish colour combination of mint green and pink, which is what’s waiting for you on the Double Bubble Bingo homepage. It looks more like the website of a chewing gum company than it does a bingo site, but that doesn’t matter to the thousands of people who show up to play at Double Bubble Bingo every day. If there’s anything especially noteworthy about Double Bubble Bingo, it’s the range of exclusive slots and games you’ll find waiting for you at the site. You’d be entitled to find the entire Double Bubble range here – and it is -but there are also a few exclusive Double Bubble titles that you won’t find anywhere else. It might all be a little bit niche, but it’s a niche that nobody else has ever attempted to occupy.

Monopoly Casino

Monopoly Casino logo Speaking of niches, the interesting thing about the Gamesys Operations Limited casino network is that all of its casinos have attempted to find one. Some of them might be a bigger deal than others, but would any other casino operator have thought of styling an entire iGaming site around the officially-licensed Monopoly games? We’d wager “no,” but Gamesys Operations did, and that’s why it has Monopoly Casino among its ranks. This is, the operator would like you to believe, the best place on the internet to come and play titles like Monopoly: Rising Riches, Monopoly: Paradise Mansion, and a whole lot more. One of the things that players ought to bear in mind about the Gamesys Operations Limited casinos is that aside from their themes, they largely offer the same iGaming experience. You’ll find the same slots, live casino games and bingo options at all of them, and aside from the occasional strategic use of graphics or colour, they tend to be presented the same way. That’s not a bad thing if you like the Gamesys way of doing things; it just means that you won’t experience much variety as you move between one site and the next.

Megaways Casino

Megaways Casino logo You shouldn’t need us to tell you what Megaways Casino is all about; that much should be evident from the name. Big Time Gaming changed the game quite literally when it came up with the Megaways system in 2015. The incredibly complex and volatile game structure ripped up the rulebook when it came to online slots, swapping out hundreds of paylines for thousands and adding bonus features that players had scarcely even imagined to be possible. Megaways Casino was created as a celebration of that invention. This site was such a big deal for Gamesys Operations Limited when it launched it that it shut down Star Spins to make it, redirecting all of the traffic from the formerly-popular casino to Megaways Casino instead. We have little doubt that there are casinos out there that offer as many Megaways slots as Megaways Casino does, but we doubt there’s one that offers them with as much emphasis or makes them as easy to navigate. You can be confident at all times that the latest and greatest Megaways releases will be available here, but you can be just as confident that all the best Megaways slots from the past few years are available, too. For those who care – yes, you can still play non-Megaways slots, bingo and live dealer games at Megaways Casino. The usual Gamesys rules still apply.

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