BV Gaming casinos

BV Gaming Casinos

BV Gaming Casinos brands include Parimatch and Heart Bingo. BV Gaming Casinos is also known as BV Gaming Limited, licence number 39576 which operates 3 active sites, 4 white labels and 0 inactive brands. This is 7 online casinos in total.

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Official BV Gaming Casinos


Parimatch sister sites Parimatch sister sites include BetVictor and Heart Bingo. Parimatch sister sites are operated by BV Gaming Limited, licence number 39576 which operates 7 sister sites in total.Sites like ParimatchParimatch sister sites 2023 You can't talk about...

BV Gaming Limited Information

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Who are BV Gaming Limited?

BV Gaming Limited is the company behind the hugely famous and popular BetVictor brand. The existence of BV Gaming Limited is a little like the tail wagging the dog; BV Gaming Limited might own and operate BetVictor, but BetVictor came first. The holding company was created later as BetVictor expanded, and more websites and brands were added to the portfolio.

We suspect that most of you reading these words are already aware of the basics when it comes to BetVictor. You know, for example, that it’s a sports betting brand. You’ll also know that it’s every bit as big a deal offline as it is online, with plenty of betting shops dotted around the British Isles. You might not be as familiar with the finer points of its history and the other betting brands that BV Gaming Limited is associated with, though, and that’s what we’re going to dig into on this page. If you want to skip straight to the information about the BetVictor sister sites, you’ll find it at the bottom of this page.

An overview of BV Gaming Limited

The headquarters of BV Gaming Limited can be found in Gibraltar, which is a long way from where the company was founded. The business has been through a few name changes over the years, but the origins of the company we know as BetVictor today can be traced to William Chandler, who owned the Walthamstow Stadium for greyhound racing. It wasn’t William who founded the company, though – it was his sons Victor Sr and Jack, who took over the running of the stadium after William passed away in 1946.

You’ll note that the company is called BetVictor rather than BetJack. The irony is that Jack was far more interested in running the greyhound racing track and the bookmaking business during those early, formative years than Victor. However, Victor Sr passed away unexpectedly in 1974, and his son, Victor Jr, inherited his share of the business. The younger Victor had been working in the hotel industry in Spain at the time of his father’s passing but instantly gave that up and returned home, eager to get involved in the running of the family business. It was he who began to expand the bookmaking side of the business and gave the company its identity.

Moving into the modern era

When the internet began to provide new avenues and revenue streams for betting companies in the 1990s, BetVictor was quick to take advantage. It wasn’t called BetVictor yet, though – the company was still known as “Victor Chandler.” Just as Victor Jr was quick to recognise the possibilities offered by the internet, he was also quick to recognise the savings available by relocating abroad. The headquarters of Victor Chandler was officially relocated to Gibraltar in 1998. Countless dozens of formerly UK-based iGaming and casino companies have followed suit in the years since then.

The first attempt to take the old “Victor Chandler” name and rebrand it as something better suited to the digital age came in 2004 when the company became VC Bet. Some of you might recall betting with the company under that name, but it never caught on. Victor Jr, who was still in control of the company at this point, decided to revert back to “Victor Chandler” in 2008. It wasn’t until four years later that the BetVictor name came along. That was the last major change that occurred during the company’s long period of family ownership. Michael Tabor took control of the company in 2014, having previously made major investments in the firm and become its majority shareholder.

Adding new brands

For almost its entire existence, BetVictor (under whatever name it was using at the time) was the only betting brand that BV Gaming Limited operated. In recent years, we’ve seen that begin to change. In 2020, BV Gaming Limited became the vehicle via which the Cyprus-based betting company PariMatch entered the UK market. The relationship between the brands is unusual – PariMatch is a standalone company, and the UK is the only territory in which it operates under another company’s licence.

PariMatch isn’t the only other operator that BV Gaming Limited has a relationship with. The company also works with Gamesys Operations Limited in the operation of Heart Bingo, which is the official bingo and casino site of Heart Radio. Interestingly, both BV Gaming Limited and Gamesys Operations Limited list Heart Bingo as a white-label casino site with the UK Gambling Commission, making it difficult to say who the true owner of the website is. 2023 saw BV Gaming Limited forge a new business relationship, leading to the launch of TalkSport Bet. It’s effectively the BetVictor sportsbook with TalkSport branding stamped on it, but the fame of the TalkSport name (and all the free advertising that goes with it) has helped to make the site a success.

BV Gaming Limited and the UKGC

Like every trustworthy casino network or gambling company that operates in the United Kingdom, BV Gaming Limited holds a full UK Gambling Commission licence. It’s licence number 39576, and the current iteration of it has been in force since November 2014. Regrettably, the operator hasn’t been able to keep the licence clean. In February 2022, the company was ordered to divest ill-gotten funds and issue a public statement by the regulator after being deemed guilty of several breaches of its licence. BV Gaming Limited also made a payment in lieu of a formal financial penalty.

This disciplinary action was taken after the UKGC conducted a compliance assessment, in which it was found that several of BV Gaming Limited’s processes around preventing vulnerable people and guarding against the risk of money laundering weren’t up to scratch. The Commission noted that BV Gaming was quick to act on these failings, submitting a remedial action plan within two days of being notified of the outcome. In total, the company had to divest £352,000 that was deemed to have been gained through breaking licence conditions and paid £1.73m in lieu of a fine.

The Top BV Gaming Limited Sites


BetVictor logo

A lot of what you need to know about BetVictor has already been explained above, as the line between BetVictor and BV Gaming Limited is paper thin. This is one of the UK’s biggest sports betting companies, both in the real world and the digital realm, and we find it difficult to imagine that anybody reading this isn’t already aware of that. The BetVictor brand has been around in one form or another for more than seventy-five years; it’s a company that your parents and grandparents might have placed bets with decades ago.

As much as sports betting is the core of BetVictor, it would be unfair to suggest that it’s the only thing that the modern BetVictor website offers. The BetVictor brand has changed and evolved as the years have gone by, and so has its flagship website. These days, when you log onto the BetVictor site, you can find casino and live casino games to go with the enormous sportsbook. The company hasn’t quite gone the whole hog like some of its old rivals have – there’s no BetVictor Bingo or BetVictor Poker, for example – but you can spin slots at this site just as easily as you can place bets on sporting matters. Also, just because there isn’t a BetVictor Bingo minisite doesn’t mean that you can’t play bingo games here if you really want to – it’s just that the bingo rooms are hidden in a side menu.


PariMatch logo

As we touched on while we were talking about BV Gaming Limited a little further up this page, the relationship between the operator and PariMatch is a strange one. PariMatch appears to have chosen to partner with BV Gaming Limited specifically to enter the UK market. We’re not sure what would have led the company to make that decision – it operates in plenty of other territories under licenses of its own, and we’re not aware of any circumstances that would have prevented it from being able to get a UK Gambling Commission of its own. Nevertheless, that’s the route that PariMatch decided to go down, and we presume that the company had its reasons.

It wouldn’t be unfair to point out that the PariMatch brand hasn’t truly caught on in the UK in the same way that it has in other European countries, and that might have something to do with the way the website is designed. If you accidentally try to load the website rather than, you’ll be told that PariMatch isn’t available in your country. The site doesn’t even make any attempt to redirect you to the address. That’s because the UK website is completely different from the version of the PariMatch website that the rest of the world sees. It’s little more than a carbon copy of the BetVictor website but dressed up in black and yellow with PariMatch branding.

Heart Bingo

Heart Bingo logo

We’re going to ignore the confusion about whether Gamesys Operations or BV Gaming Limited are ultimately responsible for the operations of Heart Bingo and just go with what’s on the company’s UK Gambling Commission licence. The regulator thinks that BV Gaming Limited runs Heart Bingo, and BV Gaming’s name appears in the footer of the website, so that’s good enough for us. Very few people would have expected BV Gaming Limited to be interested in partnering with Heart Radio to open a casino site simply because the operator has never done anything like that before (or since), but it could be taken as a sign of how different BV Gaming Limited is under the ownership of Michael Tabor as opposed to Victor Chandler.

Heart Bingo is a big, bubbly, bouncy casino site that gets a ton of free publicity thanks to its connection to the well-known radio station. You might remember seeing adverts for Heart Bingo on television, starring former X-Factor contestant and television presenter Olly Murs. The singer isn’t quite as visible on the Heart Bingo website as he used to be, but he’s still affiliated with the brand as an ambassador. We’ve used the word “casino” to describe Heart Bingo because while it might technically be a bingo site, and it’s full of bingo games and rooms, it actually has more slots than it does bingo options. You can also play Slingo games at Heart Bingo if you prefer a combination of the two genres.

TalkSport Bet

TalkSport Bet logo

TalkSport Bet is the most recent addition to the BV Gaming Limited family, having gone live in early 2023. We can (and will) directly compare the TalkSport Bet website to both the BetVictor website and the PariMatch website on account of the fact that it was clearly made with the same template. In fact, because TalkSport Bet also uses a black and yellow colour scheme as part of its branding, it’s actually a dead ringer for PariMatch. Being a clone of another well-established betting site would usually be a disadvantage for an iGaming site, but the fame and popularity of the TalkSport brand helps to overcome that obstacle.

If we have any quibbles about TalkSport Bet, they lie in the missed opportunity to forge closer connections to TalkSport itself. You can access a schedule for TalkSport through the “Live on TalkSport” link on the homepage, but you can’t actually listen to the radio station through the betting page. We’re not aware of any rule that would prevent such a thing, so it’s odd that the possibility isn’t there. Branding aside, there isn’t really anything remarkable about the site. It has the same layout as its sister sites (save for Heart Bingo) and largely offers the same games and services. The only real difference between TalkSport Bet and BetVictor is that there are more things to bet on at BetVictor, so you could even say that TalkSport Bet is a watered-down version of its parent brand. We know the company wouldn’t be happy with that description, but that doesn’t make the statement any less accurate.

Full list of BV Gaming Limited casinos

  • BetVictor (Live)
  • BetVictor Mobi (Live)
  • H Bingo (Live)
  • Heart Bingo (Live)
  • Parimatch (Live)
  • Talksport Bet (Live)