Vivaro casinos

Vivaro Casinos

Vivaro Casinos brands include Manbetx, Ava Bet, Bet MVP and Dafabet. Vivaro Casinos is also known as Vivaro, licence number 44662 which operates 2 active sites, 7 white labels and 15 inactive brands. This is 24 online casinos in total.

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Official Vivaro Casinos

Ava Bet

Vivaro Information

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Who are Vivaro?

You might never have heard of Vivaro before, but there’s a reasonable chance you’ve played at one of this casino network company’s iGaming sites. Perhaps, for instance, you’ve bet on sports with Dafabet or played casino games at VBet. It’s an operator that prefers to let its sites do the talking, but there’s still plenty of information available about the company if you know where to look. Fortunately, we do.

Vivaro is one of the enormous number of iGaming companies to have opened headquarters in Malta, taking advantage of the beautiful locale, the relaxed tax laws and the licensing advantages that come with setting up shop on the island as a casino operator. You’ll find its offices in St Julians, which might just be the most popular of all the “casino cities” in Malta. We’ve already mentioned a couple of Vivaro’s most popular brands, so let’s take a closer look at its operations.

An overview of Vivaro

We’ll start with the headline news, including all the facts and figures you need to know if you’re going to become familiar with this casino operator. Above all other things, Vivaro considers itself to be a sports betting company. In an average month, Vivaro covers more than thirty thousand live matches and sporting events and further offers forty thousand pre-match betting events. The online casino side of the company’s operations includes more than two thousand casino games, including live dealer and poker options. Esports betting is also included at some of the company’s sites.

In the twenty-plus years that Vivaro has been around, it’s obtained more than ten operating licences and introduced its websites and services to more than one hundred and twenty countries. It’s a genuinely massive, global operation – but it’s one that came from humble beginnings.

Vivaro history

The “V” in both “Vivaro” and “VBet” comes from the names of the brothers who founded the company in 2003 – Vigen and Vahe Badalyan, both of whom are natives of Armenia. Online gambling already existed in 2003, but Vivaro didn’t start off as an online brand. Instead, the Badalyan brothers opened a single betting shop in the Armenian city of Yerevan, which they ran together, employing just two additional people to support them. For a company to go from there to worldwide iGaming prominence in just twenty years is a scintillating achievement, but Vivaro has managed it.

Having got their feet under the table with their first betting shop, the Badalyan brothers opened the first version of the Vivaro website in 2004. Again, while the rest of the world had already begun to open its doors to online casinos, the idea was almost unheard of in Armenia. In fact, when Vivaro went live, it was the country’s first-ever online casino and betting site. That exclusivity played a huge role in Vivaro’s ability to grow so quickly in the years that followed. As the Vivaro website made money, the brothers re-invested the profits and opened more betting shops. By the end of the decade, there were more than three hundred Vivaro or Vbet shops in Armenia. The company was comfortably the market leader in its home country.

Vivaro develops Betconstruct

As the first decade of the 21st century gave way to the second, Vivaro came up with BetConstruct, which the company describes as the “engine” behind its empire. While Vivaro understandably doesn’t want to give away the inner workings of Betconstruct for fear that one of its rivals might attempt to copy it, the company credits the product with drastically speeding up the development of its websites and products and also allowing it to operate as a B2B platform. Were it not for the invention of BetConstruct in 2011, Vivaro may never have been able to offer white-label iGaming services.

Even with this new digital engine room of a product, Vivaro still had plenty of work to do. It would never be able to make major waves in the iGaming world if it didn’t have the relevant licences – and until 2014, it had no licences whatsoever outside Armenia. Things began to change in 2014, which is when Vivaro received a licence from authorities in Curacao. Although licences issued in Curacao are largely viewed with suspicion by the wider iGaming world, it was a start, and it opened up new territories for Vivaro. A better quality of licence would be required if the company wanted to fulfil its ambition of trading in Europe, though – and it got one when it scored a Malta Gaming Authority licence in 2015.

Acquiring an MGA licence was the springboard that Vivaro needed to go one step further and apply for a UK Gambling Commission licence. That happened in 2017, which meant Vivaro’s sites became available to UK-based players for the first time. The same year, Vivaro picked up a licence that allowed it to trade in France. Europe was now almost entirely open to the operator, and it took full advantage. By the end of 2018, players in Finland, Iceland, Germany, Slovakia and plenty of other European nations could enjoy Vivaro’s websites. Almost by way of celebration, Vivaro opened its first VBET betting shop in Berlin, Germany, at the end of 2018. It was the first time the company had opened a physical betting shop outside Armenia.

Vivaro in the here and now

As we write these words, Vivaro is bigger than it’s ever been. Having established its name and reputation through big sports betting brands like Dafabet, Vivaro has become the first iGaming company ever to be granted a licence to operate poker websites in Ukraine and sponsors the eSports Team Alliance. Its sportsbook covers seventy different sports, with as many as two hundred and fifty markets covered per event. The casinos attached to Vivaro’s websites offer more than eight thousand games, and new white-label partners are brought on board all the time. As big as Vivaro has become, it looks likely to become even bigger in years to come

Vivaro and the UK Gambling Commission

A couple of paragraphs ago, we mentioned that Vivaro finally obtained a UK Gambling Commission licence in 2017. It’s licence number 44662 and covers eight sites. However, in January 2023, Vivaro felt the force of the regulator’s wrath for the first time. After a compliance assessment that was carried out in April 2021, the UKGC determined that Vivaro’s processes for preventing money laundering were insufficient. It also found that licence conditions hadn’t been complied with, including conditions designed to prevent terrorist financing and to ensure that interactions with customers minimise the risk of customers suffering harm through gambling.

In its judgement, the UKGC stopped short of issuing a formal financial penalty. Instead, Vivaro paid a settlement of £337,631 in lieu of a fine and accepted the imposition of further conditions on its operating licence.

The Top Vivaro Sites


VBet logo

There would be no Vivaro without VBet. This is the name that the operator built its reputation on, and it remains the flagship site of the Vivaro network, even with big names like Dafabet to compete against. As well as a flagship, VBet is a shop window. It’s the only iGaming site on the Vivaro network that’s fully operated by Vivaro. All of the others are white-label casinos or betting sites, with Vivaro working with or at the instruction of a third-party company or entity. As such, Vivaro has ensured that every game, bonus and feature that it has at its disposal is included at VBet.

Being a flagship casino brand comes with its perks. One of those perks is that VBet is a commercial partner of AS Monaco, which is the most glamorous of all the French football teams save for Paris Saint Germain. While the brand will always be most closely associated with sports betting, VBet is an all-rounder of an iGaming site, with just as many casino and slots options as it has sports betting options. For those who crave something exclusive when they visit a casino or betting site for the first time – you’ll be pleased to know that VBet comes loaded with plenty of exclusive titles.


ManBetX logo

So many foreign gambling brands have sponsored the shirts of English Premier League teams in recent years that we wouldn’t blame you if you’ve forgotten a few of them. That era will soon be coming to an end because of a voluntary concession on the Premier League’s behalf, but in the meantime, you might notice the ManBetX logo on the shirts of Wolverhampton Wanderers. The sponsorship has presumably drawn a lot of attention to the ManBetX website, and the ManBetX website has presumably taken advantage of that with the excellent iGaming content that it offers.

ManBetX has been around as a brand since 2007 but didn’t come to the UK until Vivaro acquired a UK Gambling Commission licence. We’re not sure how well or how badly it’s getting on in the notoriously competitive UK market, but we can’t imagine that its drab appearance helps much with attracting players. The presence of a sports news section livens things up a little bit, but it still comes across as basic. The fact that there aren’t currently any promotions available at ManBetX makes things worse, too. It’s not far from being a match for VBet when it comes to the number of games and betting options that it offers, but the situation with promotions and aesthetics means it comes across as far weaker.


Ava Bet logo

Of all the iGaming sites on the Vivaro platform, AvaBet is the most unique when it comes to its appearance. It doesn’t use the same template that underpins the functions of so many of the others, and while it might not necessarily have an exciting style of presentation, it can’t be accused of being unoriginal. The fresh look of AvaBet instantly makes it look more appealing as an option than ManBetX, and that’s before you notice that AvaBet actually has promotions available as a way of rewarding players both old and new. The promotions aren’t enormous, but they’re better than not getting anything at all.

While we’re not sure precisely what’s been added or cut, AvaBet appears to offer at least ten thousand more matches per month than ManBetX does, which suggests that it has the largest sportsbook on the Vivaro platform. Some matches are even streamed for the site’s members, with commentary available for matches and events that can’t be broadcast with images. AvaBet has only been around in the UK since 2021, which might go some way to explaining why it hasn’t “caught on” yet in terms of achieving mainstream popularity, but it’s materially better than most of its sister sites. It should get there in the end.


Dafabet logo

If you follow Premier League football, Dafabet should be a name that you’re already more than familiar with. Several Premier League teams have had Dafabet as a shirt sponsor over the year, with Bournemouth the most recent, but Fulham, Aston Villa, Sunderland and Norwich City all paid to sport the brand’s logo in the past. The biggest of Dafabet’s sporting sponsorships, though, is in Scotland, where the company sponsors Celtic. It must have cost a fortune to sponsor so many high-profile teams, but we presume that it’s been worth it for Dafabet in terms of making returns on the boost to its brand awareness. Dafabet wouldn’t keep doing it if it didn’t make financial sense to do so.

Away from the glamorous world of football sponsorship, Dafabet is a near-clone of ManBetX. If you read our thoughts on ManBetX a paragraph or so ago, you’ll know that isn’t a good thing. ManBetX is sparse and spartan, devoid of welcome promotions or other bonuses. Those very same weaknesses also exist at Dafabet, which can’t even muster up a £10 free bet for new players. The casino has also been trimmed down compared to the bigger sites on the Vivaro platform, with only seven hundred games to choose from rather than the several thousand at VBet. Dafabet might be the most famous name on this iGaming network, but it’s far from the best option in terms of quality.

Full list of Vivaro casinos

  • Ava Bet (Live)
  • Bet MVP (Live)
  • Dafabet (Live)
  • Manbetx (Live)
  • Pixie Bet (Live)
  • Storm Online Casino (Live)
  • STS Bet (Closed)
  • Tempo Bet (Closed)
  • VBet (Live)
  • Xtremewin (Live)