Small Screen Casinos

Small Screen Casinos

Small Screen Casinos brands include Vegas Moose, The Phone Casino, Red 7 Slots and BingoTG. Small Screen Casinos is also known as Small Screen Casinos Limited, licence number 39397 which operates 4 active sites, 1 white labels and 59 inactive brands. This is 64 online casinos in total.

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Official Small Screen Casinos

Red 7 Slots
The Phone Casino
Vegas Moose

Small Screen Casinos Limited Information

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Who are Small Screen Casinos Limited?

When we’re trying to find information about a casino network company, the first thing we look for is a company website. Casino network companies that have their own websites tend to be bigger deals than casino network companies that don’t. Small Screen Casinos Limited has a business website, so that ought to mean that finding out information about the operator is a breeze. Instead, it’s a reminder that there’s always an exception to every rule. The Small Screen Casinos website consists of just a single page, hasn’t been updated at any point during the current decade, and doesn’t really tell us anything about the company at all. Most of the page is little more than an advert for The Phone Casino, which is the operator’s flagship brand.

Fortunately, there are other places to look for information about businesses. After rooting around a little, we’ve confirmed that Small Screen Casinos Limited was founded in 2014, so it now has a full decade of iGaming experience under its belt. The company’s head office can be found in Guernsey, which is one of the Channel Islands. There are quite a few casino network companies based on the Channel Islands, which tends to be a more favourable arrangement than being based on the UK mainland when it comes to taxation. More important and interesting than the whens and wheres of the company’s founding, though, is the question of why.

The Small Screen Era

2014 might still seem very recent to many of you reading this, but it’s a lifetime ago as far as technology and web design is concerned. In 2014, mobile casinos didn’t exist in the same way that they exist today. The mobile devices of the time weren’t capable of running a full casino website as easily as the phones of today. People still enjoyed playing casino games on their phones, though, so it was necessary for operators to come up with two different versions of their casino sites if they wanted to cater to this new and growing audience; one version for people playing on laptops and desktop computers, and one version for people playing on mobile phones and tablets. The same was true of individual casino games and slots; different versions had to be coded for different platforms. Quite frankly, it was a nightmare.

As this market began to emerge, a few casino network companies decided they were going to specialise in it. They realised that the future of iGaming was destined to be played out on smaller devices, and they wanted to get the jump on the older, larger, and slower-moving casino giants that had already invested everything into current tech. Small Screen Casinos Limited was founded to take advantage of the trend. That’s literally the reason why it has “small screen” in its name. If that isn’t a big enough clue, just look at the names of some of the casino sites that it opened years ago and has since closed down again.

There are only five active Small Screen Casinos Limited iGaming sites still active today, details of which you’ll find below. However, there was a time when the network featured more than fifty sites. We’re talking casinos with names like Apple Phone Casino, Android Phone Casino, Gaming on the Go and Live Phone Casino. There was also Small Screen Poker, the iPad Casino, Windows Phone Casino and more. You don’t need us to explain what all of those old casinos and betting sites were for – their names are self-explanatory. Each of them was designed for a specific task, but the tasks have become obsolete.

As technology has changed and progressed, it’s no longer necessary to have a specific casino site for a specific device. If you code a casino site or casino game properly, it should perform flawlessly on almost any device, no matter the size. The former Small Screen Casinos Limited sites lost their purpose, and so they were closed. In that respect, it’s a wonder that any of them are still around at all.

The One Casino brand?

Small Screen Casinos Limited is best known for The Phone Casino. We’ve already mentioned further up this page that it’s the only one of the operator’s brands to be referenced by name on the official Small Screen Casinos website. In many ways, it’s the only brand that matters to the company. Red 7 Slots and Vegas Moose, which are the only two other casino brands that Small Screen Casinos owns and operates directly, are virtual clones of The Phone Casino. Bingo TG is a recently-resurrected site which comes across more as an experiment than anything else at present. It might go on to become successful further down the line, but it’s nowhere near the level of The Phone Casino yet.

There’s one more active site listed on Small Screen Casinos Limited’s UK Gambling Commission licence, and that’s Free Spins Daily. It’s another clone of The Phone Casino – so much so that we don’t consider it worth covering in detail on this page – but it’s also the only casino on the platform that’s operated on a white-label basis. We don’t know why the operator has only one white-label casino or whether it’s actively seeking more. Operators tend to either operate large white-label platforms or don’t operate any at all. Small Screen Casinos is odd in that it has more directly-managed iGaming sites than it has white-label casinos. We’re not sure why that is, as it can’t be anything to do with the quality of the casinos that it makes. We’ve seen far worse casino operators running far bigger white-label casino platforms.

Small Screen Casinos and the UKGC

We confirmed a mere paragraph or two ago that Small Screen Casinos Limited holds a valid, up-to-date licence with the UK Gambling Commission. The licence has been in place since the formation of the company in 2014 and is held under account number 39397. We’re happily able to report that the licence has been free of drama; there aren’t any fines, warnings or other sanctions attached to the operator’s licence.

Small Screen Casinos Limited Sites

The Phone Casino

The Phone Casino logo
Realistically, The Phone Casino is the only place we could start with this overview of the casinos on the Small Screen Casinos Limited platform. It is, as we’ve already said, the network’s flagship site, and none of the others come close. The whole brand is built around it, and the casino typifies what you’ll find across the rest of the network. All of the features of The Phone Casino are replicated at the other casinos, and the games portfolio never changes, either.

Aside from being perfectly formulated for mobile screens – a factor that isn’t even close to being a unique selling point anymore – the casinos on this platform are famed for their free spins promotions. Players can win up to one hundred free spins from these casinos every day without even having to make a deposit. The precise number of free spins you might end up with comes down to the luck of the draw, but even if you only get a handful, your luck might still be in because wagering requirements never apply to the proceeds of any of the free spins. It’s a genuinely generous promotion, and that’s a rare thing in the modern iGaming world.

Bingo TG

BingoTG logo
Small Screen Casinos Limited has fallen in and out of love with bingo over the years. There used to be multiple bingo sites on the network, but there was a time when every single one of them had closed down, and the platform offered nothing but slots sites. Recently, the operator resurrected one of its more popular old bingo brands – Bingo To Go, which is shortened to Bingo TG in both the name and the web address of this iGaming site.

As this is primarily a bingo site rather than a slots site, the promotions that it offers have been tweaked a little to reflect the change in purpose. Rather than winning a potential one hundred free spins every day without needing to make a deposit, players at Bingo TG can instead win up to fifty free bingo tickets. The terms are the same – no wagering requirements apply. We’re not sure why someone would come to Bingo TG to play slots rather than bingo when there are multiple other sites on the platform where they could do that, but the one hundred free spins offer is still there as an alternative for anybody who does. The homepage of Bingo TG claims that there are over six hundred games available at the site, and we have no reason to doubt it, but we do find it a little odd that not a single one of those games is promoted on the page. There isn’t even a link to click so players can take a look at any of the games, so we can’t tell you anything about which bingo games and rooms it may or may not offer. That feels like a mistake, as players are effectively asked to sign up blind.

Vegas Moose

Vegas Moose logo
There’s a small but significant difference between Vegas Moose and The Phone Casino. Are you ready to hear it? OK, here goes:- Vegas Moose has a moose mascot. That’s literally it. You won’t find any other material differences between these two casinos whatsoever. We don’t mean to be glib, though, because a mascot character can make all the difference when it comes to an online casino site being able to market itself successfully. It makes even more difference when the mascot character is as strangely loveable as the one at Vegas Moose is.

A moose wouldn’t automatically be a good fit for an online casino in the same way as, for example, Foxy is at Foxy Bingo, but there’s more to this character than just being a moose – it’s literally a Vegas Moose. What we mean by that is that it’s dressed in a jumpsuit of the kind that Elvis Presley wore during his legendary Las Vegas run, swivels its hips like Elvis, and probably wouldn’t finish in last place in an Elvis impersonator contest. It’s all more than a little bit surreal, but it helps to bring Vegas Moose to life as a casino. It also does a better job than Bingo TG does of showing off the games it has in its portfolio, highlighting popular titles like 3 Genie Wishes and Wild West Gold on its homepage. Overall, we believe it to have the same six hundred (ish) slots and games that the other casinos on the platform share.

Red 7 Slots

Red 7 Slots logo
Red 7 Slots is a classic-sounding name, and we think that it’s probably supposed to be a classic-style casino. It might even have had a classic theme at some point in the past, but the version of Red 7 Slots that exists today is, to all intents and purposes, the same casino site as The Phone Casino. It’s simply been rebadged with a different logo and lacks the quirky charm of Vegas Moose. Zany mascot characters aren’t for everybody, though, and if you’ve never played at The Phone Casino before, you might find that there’s more than enough at Red 7 Slots to keep you entertained.

If there’s a hint of the classic aura anywhere at Red 7 Slots, it’s to be found in the selection of games that it chooses to showcase on its homepage. Joker’s Jewels and Gold Train are about as classic as slots come, and they’re rounded out by modern classics like Pragmatic Play’s iconic, award-winning Wolf Gold slot. Cast your eyes to the menu options at the top of the Red 7 Slots homepage, and you’ll see that the casino also offers separate sections for Slingo, video poker, scratch cards, and live dealer games. None of these things are exclusive to Red 7 Slots, but the casino does a better job of putting players in one-click range of them than any of its siblings do. It might not be a showy casino, but it still has plenty of great iGaming options. In a word, it’s understated.

Full list of Small Screen Casinos Limited casinos

  • BingoTG (Live)
  • Casino on the Go (Closed)
  • Free Daily Spins (Live)
  • Red 7 Slots (Live)
  • Red Seven Slots (Closed)
  • Small Screen Bingo (Closed)
  • The Ipad Casino (Closed)
  • The Phone Casino (Live)
  • The Text Lotto (Closed)
  • Vegas Moose (Live)