Palatial Leisure casinos

Palatial Leisure Casinos

Palatial Leisure Casinos brands include The Palaces Casino, Bingo Eireann, Bingo Britain and . Palatial Leisure Casinos is also known as Palatial Leisure Limited, licence number 441 which operates 3 active sites, 0 white labels and 0 inactive brands. This is 3 online casinos in total.

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Official Palatial Leisure Casinos

Bingo Eireann
Bingo Eireann

Bingo Eireann sister sites Bingo Eireann sister sites include Bingo Britain and The Palaces Casino. Bingo Eireann sister sites are operated by Palatial Leisure Limited, licence number 441 which operates 3 sister sites in total.Sites like Bingo EireannOfficial Bingo...

The Palaces Casino
The Palaces Casino

The Palaces Casino sister sites The Palaces Casino sister sites include Bingo Eireann and Bingo Britain. The Palaces Casino sister sites are operated by Palatial Leisure Limited, licence number 441 which operates 3 sister sites in total.Sites like The Palaces...

Palatial Leisure Limited Information

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Who are Palatial Leisure Limited?

You could make an argument that Palatial Leisure Limited is better known as a brick-and-mortar bingo company than it is as an online bingo and casino company. That’s a strange thing to say about a company that only operates brick-and-mortar bingo venues in a single location, but it’s true. This operator’s bingo sites aren’t especially well-known, whereas it has an enormous presence in its native Great Yarmouth, where it operates three Palace Bingo Club venues.

We focus on the online world of gambling rather than the offline world, so the physical Palatial Leisure Limited venues aren’t of much interest to us. Instead, we focus on the three iGaming sites that the business operates. Below, we’ll tell you everything we know about this operator, the sites that it operates, and its licensing status with the UK Gambling Commission.

An overview of Palatial Leisure Limited

This operator is, as we’ve already said, based in Great Yarmouth, which can be found in Norfolk. That means it’s a genuinely UK-based operator rather than one of the great many supposedly UK-based operators that claim to be proudly British but actually operate their business from tax havens like Malta or Gibraltar. The fact that Palatial Leisure Limited is UK-based means that it reports to Companies House, thus making it far easier to find information about this company than it might be if the company was based overseas.

From checking records at Companies House, we can tell you that Palatial Leisure Limited was founded on March 1st, 1993, which means that the offline aspect of the business (by which we mean the Palace Bingo Club venues) opened long before any of its three iGaming sites. While there are several directors of the business listed at Companies House, the man with the most responsibility for the company is Patrick Duffy. He’s namechecked on all three of the Palatial Leisure Limited iGaming sites and is credited as the founder, managing director and visionary of the business.

The most recent accounts available at Companies House suggest that Palatial Leisure Limited had a turnover of £1.7m for the year that ended in December 2021. However, it should be noted that pandemic restrictions were still in place across much of the UK for at least part of that year, and the figure is lower than the business would normally expect to make because of that. The business has at least £8.5m in reserves, though, so it’s in a healthy state. It’s impossible to tell from the accounts how much the online side of the business contributes to overall takings when compared to the offline side, but we suspect the offline side does a lot of the heavy lifting.

Palatial Leisure Limited in its own words

Aside from operating the three iGaming websites we discuss further down this page, Palatial Leisure Limited also operates a business website, which details the various brick-and-mortar Palace Bingo Club locations and also provides a little bit of background information about the company. Unfortunately, the amount of background information that it provides isn’t much more detailed than what you’ll find in the “about us” section of any of its three iGaming sites. The body of the text mostly focuses on Patrick Duffy, his thirty-plus years of experience in the industry, and his qualities as a visionary and leader. If there’s one thing we can say with certainty about Patrick Duffy, it’s that he’s a man who isn’t afraid to blow his own horn.

Patrick is even said to have mastered the art of being “multi-locational,” which means that he could appear inside any of the company’s venues at any time. If he’s not in one of the brick-and-mortar venues, you might find him in the chat rooms of one of his iGaming sites, where he logs in under the name of “The King.” Again, he comes across as someone for whom shyness has never been a problem.

“The Palaces,” which is how the company refers to its venues, are described on the business website as “the best places to play in the United Kingdom,” accompanied by a claim that the Felixstowe and Great Yarmouth Palace Bingo venues are among the most popular in-person bingo venues in the entirety of the United Kingdom. No statistics are offered to back up that statement, but we can see from the photographs that they’re big, busy venues. In fact, the Great Yarmouth venue is so popular that it’s not unheard of for coach trips to be laid on from London so people from the capital can attend. Historically, though, such trips are reserved for special occasions, like National Bingo Day. It’s certainly not a regular, ongoing service.

Unlike a lot of in-person bingo or gaming destinations, the Palatial Leisure Limited venues operate according to a strict schedule. A typical day inside the Great Yarmouth venue, for example, begins with the 11:30am breakfast club. A special game called “Blue Cashpot” follows at midday, after which the first “main session” begins at 1:30pm. The highlight of the day, though, is the “Gold Cashpot,” which begins at 9:30pm. If you want to win big money at a Palace Bingo venue, it sounds like you have to stick around and join the late crowd.

Palatial Leisure Limited and the UK Gambling Commission.

Like any bingo or iGaming company that wants to do business in the United Kingdom, Palatial Leisure Limited holds a full and active licence from the UK Gambling Commission. It’s licence number 441, which tells you how long the company has been around for and how old the licence is. The current version of the company’s “non-remote” bingo licence has been in force since 2009.

When this page was written, Palatial Leisure Limited’s UK Gambling Commission licence was clean. Thus far, the company has never been fined by the regulator, nor has the regulator ever had cause to sanction or warn the company, attach further conditions to its operating licence, or suspend the licence. That’s a perfect track record and one that the operator will want to maintain.

The Palatial Leisure Limited Bingo Sites

The Palaces

The Palaces Casino logo

As you’ll be well aware if you’ve read everything we had to say above about Palatial Leisure Limited as an operator, you’ll know that the company calls its in-person venues “The Palaces.” As this iGaming site is also called The Palaces, it ought to be seen as the flagship site of the brand. Unfortunately, a little less care and attention has been put into the design of The Palaces than you’d expect an iGaming company to put into the design of its flagship brand. As an example of that, you’ll find a passage of text about halfway down the homepage of The Palaces under the “Why Choose Us?” header. The passage claims that there are games for everybody at Bingo Eireann, which is a dead giveaway that much of the content of The Palaces homepage has been copied and pasted from Bingo Eireann without much care or attention paid. That’s more than a little embarrassing.

Even with that mistake, which has been there for years without the operator doing anything about it, The Palaces is the best all-around casino site on this platform. In fact, it’s the only casino site on this platform. Both Bingo Britain and Bingo Eireann, which we’ll get to in a moment, are bingo-only sites. That’s a rarity in this day and age. The Palaces offers bingo, but it also offers a range of slots and other casino games. There are only a couple of hundred such games, but a couple of hundred is still obviously a lot more than “none.” Nobody would ever seriously argue that The Palaces Casino is destined to become one of the UK’s top casino sites or even come anywhere near such lofty billing, but if you want to stick with the Palatial Leisure Limited platform, this is still the best option for you in terms of all-round entertainment.

Bingo Britain

Bingo Britain logo

Bingo Britain has the kind of name that hits you right on the nose – it’s a bingo site, it’s based in Britain, and it’s designed for British players. You’ll note that elements of the design of the Bingo Britain homepage are similar to that of The Palaces, which is down to the aforementioned copy-and-paste process that was used when the sites were put together. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the content at both sites is identical, though, because it isn’t. The Palaces Casino is a casino and is full of casino games. Bingo Britain is a bingo site and is full of – well, you can probably guess where we’re going with that sentence. The games portfolio at Bingo Britain doesn’t contain a single slots game, a live dealer game, or even a digital scratchcard. It’s very rare to find a “bingo only” iGaming site in the modern iGaming world, but that’s precisely what Bingo Britain is.

Players who’ve grown tired of having to wade through slots and other casino games before they can find the bingo games at what are supposedly bingo sites will see the absence of any such games at Bingo Britain as the site’s biggest strength. However, if you’re someone who appreciates variety, you’ll likely think it’s the site’s biggest weakness instead. We can see both perspectives, but we think Bingo Britain doesn’t help itself much by not laying out its bingo content to visitors. You can’t see which bingo rooms or games are available at Bingo Britain before registering to play – you have to sign up for the site first. In fact, you have to sign up to Bingo Britain if you want to find out pretty much anything about the site – there’s no publicly-available information about withdrawals or deposits either. An air of mystery can sometimes add a level of intrigue to an iGaming site, but in the case of Bingo Britain, we think a little more meat on the bone would have been a good idea.

Bingo Eireann

bingo eireann logo

Bingo Eireann is, in basic terms, the Irish answer to Bingo British. We’re sure that almost all of you will have worked out that “Eireann” is the Irish word for “Ireland,” but we’ve mentioned it anyway just to make it absolutely clear. On a surface level, Bingo Eireann and Bingo Britain appear to be almost like twins of each other. Their branding is virtually identical, and so is their layout. However, there are differences between the two. Bingo Britain is, at the risk of mentioning this once too often, a pure bingo site. Bingo Eireann does its best to match it game-for-game in terms of bingo options, but it also throws in a few casino games. Specifically, it has a range of slots. There are only around fifty slots to play with, which is far fewer than you’ll find at The Palaces Casino, but it’s still enough additional content to give it a slight edge over Bingo Britain.

Although Bingo Eireann is covered by the UK Gambling Commission licence that Palatial Leisure Limited holds, and the site allows players from the UK to register accounts, the UK doesn’t appear to be Bingo Eireann’s target market. Every cash amount that’s mentioned on the Bingo Eireann homepage is given in Euros instead of pounds, which is a tell-tale sign. Unless you fancy having a currency converter open at all times so you can keep track of how much you’re winning or losing, you might come to the conclusion that even with those additional slots games, Bingo Eireann isn’t the iGaming site for you if you’re UK-based. You’ll likely have an easier time playing bingo at Bingo Britain, and if it’s slots you’re after, there’s more range at The Palaces Casino. Of the three casinos that exist on this iGaming platform, we’re forced to conclude that Bingo Eireann is in third place.

Full list of Palatial Leisure Limited casinos

  • Bingo Britain (Live)
  • Bingo Eireann (Live)
  • The Palaces Casino (Live)