LeoVegas casinos

LeoVegas Casinos

LeoVegas Casinos brands include LeoVegas, Slot Boss, Pink Casino and 21.co.uk. LeoVegas Casinos is also known as LeoVegas Gaming PLC, licence number 39198 which operates 5 active sites, 0 white labels and 11 inactive brands. This is 16 online casinos in total.

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Official LeoVegas Casinos

Bet UK
Pink Casino
Slot Boss

LeoVegas Gaming PLC Information

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Who Are LeoVegas?

LeoVegas is a big name on the UK iGaming scene – not least because the name of the casino network company is the same as the name of the most popular online casino it operates. Aside from being a big name in the UK, LeoVegas is increasingly a big name in the United States of America and a huge deal elsewhere in Europe. Where, then, is the company’s base? London? Somewhere glamorous in the USA? Malta or Gibraltar, like the majority of iGaming companies that serve the UK market? Actually, the answer is none of the above. You’ll find the head office of LeoVegas in Stockholm, Sweden. There’s a good reason for that – the full name of the company is “LeoVegas AB,” and this is a Swedish company. According to the latest figures available, LeoVegas AB employs close to one thousand people and brings in approximately £325m per year in revenue. That revenue comes from multiple iGaming sites, of which five remain active in the UK market. There used to be far more, but LeoVegas has backed away from the bingo business in recent years to focus more tightly on casino games and sports betting, which has resulted in the closure of the company’s former bingo websites. All of this is in the here and now, though; let’s take a trip back in time and look at the company’s history.

The history of LeoVegas

Such is the degree of fame that LeoVegas has achieved, people tend to think that the company has been around forever. That isn’t actually the case. LeoVegas formed in 2011, making it a relative latecomer to the world of online casinos and iGaming, which had already begun to blossom by then. During its early years, LeoVegas saw itself as a mobile gaming specialist. There was still a distinction between mobile casinos and regular online casinos during the second decade of the 21st century, as it was often necessary to build alternative versions of casinos or games to make them compatible with smaller devices. That, as we all know, is no longer the case today. The founders of LeoVegas were Gustaf Hagman and Robin Ramm-Ericson, both of whom had extensive prior experience within the industry and both of whom remain involved in the running of the company today. In Hagman’s own words, LeoVegas was “born from a smartphone.” He and Ramm-Ericson were quick to realise that the mobile format was the future of the whole iGaming industry, which gave their fledgling company both a niche and an advantage in the marketplace.

Growing and Expanding

After five years of steady growth, LeoVegas made its first stock marketing offering in March 2016. The decision – and opportunity – came off the back of the company experiencing a 124% increase in revenue during the past twelve months. LeoVegas AB made £37m in 2014, but in 2015 it brought in more than £80m. The company’s growth in paying customers was even more impressive. From just over 54,000 in 2013, the company grew to serve over 100,000 by the end of 2014 and over 200,000 by the end of 2015. The company wasn’t just growing; it was exploding in popularity. With more people coming to LeoVegas for their iGaming needs, the company decided to add another string to its bow; sports betting. While it’s taken for granted that you can bet on sports with the flagship LeoVegas site these days, that hasn’t always been the case. It wasn’t until 2016 that the casino spawned a sportsbook – just in time for that year’s UEFA Euro 2016 tournament, in fact. That same year, LeoVegas AB received a licence to operate in Denmark for the first time. Adding more services and reaching new territories was just part of the expansion plan, though – by this point in its existence, LeoVegas has begun to buy its competitors.

Acquisitions and Being Acquired

LeoVegas AB made its first major acquisition in March 2017 when it bought an Italian iGaming company called Winga for £6m, thus entering the Italian market for the first time. Buying Royal Panda for £60m was next on the company’s to-do list, although LeoVegas surprised many by closing the brand down shortly after it was acquired. In February 2018, the company applied for and received a licence to operate in Germany. One month later, it spotted the potential of a fast-growing UK operator called Rocket X and bought that, too. Wanting to dip its toes into the waters of e-sports betting, LeoVegas bought 51% of pixlel.bet in September 2018 and then rounded out the year by being the first company to receive one of the newly-formatted iGaming licence issues in its native land of Sweden.When an iGaming company starts buying other iGaming companies, there’s always a risk that another, larger iGaming company will eventually come along and buy it. It’s a dog-eat-dog world. That proved to be the case in May 2022, when the American giant MGM Resorts International made an offer of over £600m to purchase LeoVegas in its entirety. The offer was accepted, and the deal was completed in September 2022. That means LeoVegas has lost its independence – but at least it means the brand has finally reached Las Vegas!

LeoVegas and the UKGC

While the correct name for LeoVegas is LeoVegas AB, and its head office is in Sweden, that’s not the information you’ll find on the company’s UK Gambling Commission licence. The UKGC recognises the company as being called LeoVegas Gaming PLC and lists its head office as being in Sliema, Malta. There are sixteen domain names listed on the company’s licence, but only five of them are still active. You’ll find further information about them in the section below. Regrettably, LeoVegas’ record with the regulator isn’t as clean as it could and should be. The operator has had a formal warning and further conditions attached to its licence since July 2022, which is the same month it was handed a financial penalty of £1.32m. This decision came after a review of the company’s operating licence, during which the UKGC determined that breaches of licence conditions regarding the prevention of money laundering, the social responsibility code of practice, and customer identification had taken place. The UKGC noted that LeoVegas had co-operated with the investigation and that remedial action to address the failings had already been taken.

Top LeoVegas Gaming PLC Casinos


LeoVegas logo There’s only one place to start with the casinos under the LeoVegas Gaming PLC umbrella, and that’s with LeoVegas itself. This was the casino site that started it all and remains the flagship of the family today. Plenty of people who wouldn’t normally be interested in iGaming are familiar with the lion-faced logo of LeoVegas. An increasing number of those people can be found in the United States of America, where the brand has experienced a breakthrough after being bought up by an American company towards the end of 2022. The fact that LeoVegas is the flagship casino of the LeoVegas Gaming PLC platform is undeniable. Whether it deserves to be the flagship brand is another matter. Rather than being overwhelmed by the brilliance of the LeoVegas website when you arrive on it for the first time, you’re more likely to experience a feeling along the lines of “Is this it?” such is the current state of the site. It looks noticeably older than the rest of the casinos on the platform, and aspects of it are broken. We already know LeoVegas fairly well, but we clicked the “about us” link in the footer of the website during the course of writing this page just to see what was there. It turned out that what’s there is a missing page and a 404 message. LeoVegas offers a good portfolio of casino games, live casino games and sports betting, but it desperately needs modernisation.


Bet UK logo There’s something a little bloke-ish about BetUK – and we’re not just saying that because it’s a sports betting website. We live in the modern world, and we’re entirely aware that sports betting isn’t an activity solely reserved for men. Instead, we’re referring to the decor at BetUK. With its target logo and its blue, red and white colour scheme, it deliberately evokes the Mod scene of the 1960s and 1970s. The logo of BetUK isn’t entirely dissimilar to the logo of The Who, and that’s probably not an accident. It’s an easy way to establish a visual identity for the brands, and it works well for BetUK. BetUK is the only one of the LeoVegas Gaming PLC iGaming sites to go straight to the sportsbook when the site loads, further underlining its status as a sports specialist on a platform where most of the top sites have sportsbooks of their own. You could still use BetUK to play slots, live casino games or instant win games if you so desired, but you’d have to go digging through the side minus if you wanted to find them; this is a site which knows what it’s good at and isn’t afraid to stick to it.


21.co.uk logo With the possible exception of LeoVegas itself, which was set up to be a “jack of all trades” site, each of the LeoVegas Gaming PLC sites has its own niche or speciality. We’ve already said that the speciality of BetUK, for example, is sports betting. You don’t have to be an expert to know what the speciality of 21.co.uk is. Any casino site that features the magic number “21” in its name tends to be associated with sports betting, and 21.co.uk is no exception to that rule. While live casino games and real dealers are available at all the sites on this network, 21.co.uk is the place that specialises in them. Some – but not many – of the games at 21.co.uk are exclusive to the platform. There is, for example, a special 21.co.uk Roulette game advertised on the homepage. There’s no difference between that game and any other roulette game you’ve ever played – it just has a logo slapped on it. Still, exclusive games tend to give a casino an air of prestige, and it certainly can’t hurt to have some. In keeping with the general theme, the welcome promotion and associated bonuses at 21.co.uk are also delivered in live casino perks.

Pink Casino

Pink Casino logo We’ve already said that each of the casinos that LeoVegas Gaming PLC operates has a different intended audience, so see if you can guess who or what the intended audience of Pink Casino is? If you said “women,” then congratulations, you’re correct. If you think the idea of an iGaming site called “Pink Casino” aimed specifically at a female audience is both dated and sexist, then we hear you. All we can say in response to that is that Pink Casino appears to have developed an awareness of this in recent years because it’s nowhere near as pink as it used to be. The formerly hot pink shades of the Pink Casino homepage have been replaced by purples and darker shades. The big difference between Pink Casino and the other casinos on the platform – other than the fact it’s pink – is that it doesn’t specifically focus on any particular type of game. Its main point of focus, though, is slots. Slots are featured more prominently than anything else on the Pink Casino homepage, and we’re talking classic slots. Forget about seeing hot new releases – you’ll have to go digging for them. Instead, Pink Casino is all about titles like Starburst, Eye of Horus and Book of Dead. If you’re a fan of traditional slots, then you’ll be tickled pink.

Slot Boss

Slot Boss logo We won’t insult your intelligence by asking you to try and guess what the theme of Slot Boss is; it’s already more than clear from the name of the casino. In fact, if you were to go straight from Pink Casino to Slot Boss, you might see more than a couple of similarities. The colour scheme might change dramatically, but you’ll notice that a lot of the online slots advertised on the homepages of both casinos stay in exactly the same place. We wouldn’t mind betting that these two casinos have identical game portfolios with slightly different points of focus. You wouldn’t necessarily expect to be able to bet on sports at a casino called Slot Boss, but just for the sake of clarity, Slot Boss is one of only a couple of Leo Vegas Gaming PLC casinos not to offer a sportsbook. It does, however, have a live casino section, so it’s not quite as resolutely dedicated to slots as you might expect it to be. This is probably the least well-known of all the LeoVegas casinos, but it’s not the worst when it comes to content; it just feels a little bit anonymous, and the welcome promotion isn’t especially impressive. Every casino network has a weakest link, though, and Slot Boss fills that role for LeoVegas Gaming PLC.

Full list of LeoVegas Gaming PLC casinos

  • 21.co.uk (Live)
  • Bet UK (Live)
  • Castle Jackpot (Closed)
  • Crown Bingo (Closed)
  • Legs11 (Closed)
  • LeoVegas (Live)
  • M Casino (Closed)
  • Pink Casino (Live)
  • Slot Boss (Live)
  • UK Casino (Closed)