Dazzletag Entertainment casinos

Dazzletag Entertainment Casinos

Dazzletag Entertainment Casinos brands include Play Sunny, Bingo Stars, Casushi and Peachy Games. Dazzletag Entertainment Casinos is also known as Dazzletag Entertainment Limited, licence number 39358 which operates 6 active sites, 0 white labels and 1 inactive brands. This is 7 online casinos in total.

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Official Dazzletag Entertainment Casinos

Peachy Games
Peachy Games

Peachy Games sister sites Peachy Games sister sites include Bingo Cams, Casushi, Play Sunny and Bingo Stars. Peachy Games sister sites are operated by Dazzletag Entertainment Limited, licence number 39358 which operates 7 sister sites in total.Sites like Peachy...

Bingo Stars
Bingo Stars

Bingo Stars sister sites Bingo Stars sister sites include Fruit Kings, Play Sunny, Casushi and Bingo Cams. Bingo Stars sister sites are operated by Dazzletag Entertainment Limited, licence number 39358 which operates 7 sister sites in total.Sites like Bingo StarsBingo...

Bingo Cams
Bingo Cams

Bingo Cams sister sites Bingo Cams sister sites include Bingo Stars, Peachy Games, Fruit Kings and Casushi. Bingo Cams sister sites are operated by Dazzletag Entertainment Limited, licence number 39358 which operates 7 sister sites in total.Sites like Bingo CamsBingo...


Casushi sister sites Casushi sister sites include Bingo Stars, Bingo Cams, Fruit Kings and Play Sunny. Casushi sister sites are operated by Dazzletag Entertainment Limited, licence number 39358 which operates 7 sister sites in total.Sites like CasushiCasushi sister...

Fruit Kings
Fruit Kings

Fruit Kings sister sites Fruit Kings sister sites include Play Sunny, Bingo Cams, Casushi and Bingo Stars. Fruit Kings sister sites are operated by Dazzletag Entertainment Limited, licence number 39358 which operates 7 sister sites in total.Sites like Fruit KingsFruit...

Dazzletag Entertainment Limited Information

dazzletag entertainment casinos screenshot

Who are Dazzletag Entertainment Limited?

This casino network company is one of many that can be found on the island of Malta, which is considered an excellent place for an iGaming company to set up shop and start doing business. That’s not just down to the island’s natural beauty – although we’re sure that doesn’t hurt. It’s also down to the favourable conditions around tax that Malta offers compared to the UK. The head office of Dazzletag Entertainment Limited can be found in Naxxar, where it’s surrounded by dozens of other businesses all working in the same sector.

Being Malta-based comes with another advantage for casino network companies – it makes it easier for them to obtain a Malta Gaming Authority licence. While the MGA licence isn’t considered to be on par with a UK Gambling Commission licence, it’s highly respected and is deemed sufficient for a casino operator to trade in several European territories. Dazzletag Entertainment Limited has both a UKGC licence and an MGA licence and several popular casino sites to boot.

An overview of Dazzletag Entertainment Limited

Dazzletag Entertainment Limited is no newcomer to the iGaming scene. The company was incorporated in its native Malta in October 2010, so it’s been around the scene for over a decade. The company hasn’t been active in the UK market for that whole time, though – its casinos didn’t reach our shores until 2014, with the granting of its first UK Gambling Commission licence. It currently has five active casinos available to players in the UK, with a few more that were designed and built for customers in other territories and aren’t available in our domestic market.

While Dazzletag Entertainment doesn’t publish an enormous amount of information about its inner workings, a few facts and figures are available online that indicate the company’s size. Bear in mind that the company itself has never verified these figures, so we shouldn’t rely on them one hundred per cent. However, according to the most recent sources we can find, there are roughly ninety people working for Dazzletag Entertainment at present, and the company brings in approximately £20m in revenue each year. Its flagship casino site, Casushi, will do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to that revenue figure.

Dazzletag Entertainment Limited in its own words

Most of the Malta-based casino network companies don’t have customer-facing websites, preferring the peace that comes with anonymity. Dazzletag Entertainment has never been one to follow the crowd, though. Its business website might be a single-page job, but there’s enough content on it for us to be able to get a sense of the company’s personality and aspirations. For example, there’s a sentence in bold text smack-bang in the middle of the company’s homepage which tells us exactly how Dazzletag feels about itself – it calls itself “an international leader in innovative online gaming experiences.” Dazzletag Entertainment is absolutely an international company – but “leader” might be stretching the definition a little.

Going further, Dazzletag refers to itself as “pioneering,” “player-centric,” and “data-driven,” noting that it operates several successful casino brands in multiple territories. Other tidbits of information that can be gleaned from the page include the fact that Dazzletag now has a UK office to go with the one it maintains in Malta (although the address of the UK office isn’t given), and is able to provide thousands of games to players thanks to its partnerships with multiple top-glass game providers. Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Yggdrasil and Red Tiger are all specifically named as providers that Dazzletag works with, but there are several more.

When a casino network company has a website of the kind that Dazzletag does, it’s usually because the operator is trying to attract new white-label business partners. That isn’t the case with Dazzletag, which doesn’t offer white-label services. Instead, the aim of the website is to attract either new game providers or new employees. Dazzletag appears to be hiring on a constant basis, which is an indication that the company is in good health.

Dazzletag Entertainment Limited and the Begame Group

Squirrelled away at the bottom of the Dazzletag Entertainment website is a mention that the operator is part of the Begame Group. You won’t find any reference to the Begame Group on any of the casinos that Dazzletag Entertainment Limited owns and operates, but you can think of the organisation as the “power behind the throne” at Dazzletag.

Like Dazzletag Entertainment itself, the Begame Group has offices in both Malta and the United Kingdom. Also like Dazzletag Entertainment, the group operates a single-page website to provide basic information about what it is and what it does. Described as a “young, ambitious and experienced” team of people who design and develop gaming systems, the Begame Group contains a game design studio, a player management platform, an affiliate marketing network, and a team of website builders. However, while there’s a passing reference to the Begame Group on the Dazzletag website, there’s no mention of Dazzletag on the Begame Group website.

The fact that Dazzletag and the Begame Group operate offices in the same locations and use a similar style of presentation on their websites leads us to suspect that they might be one and the same, but we’re unable to confirm that. The precise role that the Begame Group plays in the operations of Dazzletag Entertainment Limited is unknown.

Dazzletag Entertainment Limited and the UKGC

We’ve said above that this casino network company holds licences with both the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission, but it’s the company’s UKGC licence we’re most interested in, as that’s the one that allows the company to do business in the UK. It’s held under account number 39358 and, as we said previously, has been in force since November 2014. The company has thus far managed to keep its nose clean with the UKGC; it has no fines, sanctions, suspensions, or other regulatory actions on file.

The Top Dazzletag Entertainment Limited Sites


Casushi logo
Casushi is the only one of the Dazzletag Entertainment Limited casino sites that we’d describe as being relatively well-known. It’s a bright and colourful casino with a fun sense of style, but it isn’t quite what it used to be. If you visited Casushi a year ago, you’d find that its Japanese influences were far more amped-up than they are now, with sushi and sumo wrestlers serving as mise-en-scene and a martial arts-inspired “Casushi Master” on hand to give you advice on playing casino games and life in general. All of that is now gone, and we think Casushi is a little poorer for its absence.

When a casino is as bright and cheery as Casushi is, there’s always a risk that it’ll be more style than substance. Fortunately, we don’t have to worry about that with Casushi. The selection of games available at this casino is genuinely impressive and includes entries in all categories, from slots to live dealers and far more. As impressive as the games portfolio at Casushi is, though, the casino has always had a weakness, and it’s never shown much interest in improving it – there just aren’t enough promotions at the site to keep bonus-driven players motivated.

Fruit Kings

Fruit Kings logo
You can often tell quite a lot about an online casino from its name, and there are some words that come with connotations. What we’re trying to say is that when you see the name “Fruit Kings,” your mind will instantly tell you to expect a casino with a traditional focus. We all associate the word “fruit” in an iGaming context with the old-fashioned fruit machines of the past, so “Fruit Kings” sounds like a great place to come and play classic-style slots. You can use it for that purpose if you wish, but you won’t find that traditional gaming is its focus.

Somewhat surprisingly, the main inspiration that features in the background of the Fruit Kings homepage is the Aztecs. There’s a crumbling Aztec temple in full view, surrounded by masks and other nods to the ancient culture. Putting that aside, Fruit Kings is nearly identical to Casushi when it comes to form, function and content. There are roughly one thousand games available at this casino, which is on par with what we’ve seen from Casushi. They’re probably the same games, but the sheer volume of them means that you’re unlikely to find yourself bored when you’re playing at either site.

Peachy Games

Peachy Games logo
Some players love online casinos with big, bold themes. However, there are plenty of players who find such themes to be distracting and crave something a little quieter and less complicated. If you want to get to grips with the enormous number of slots and games available on the Dazzletag Entertainment Limited platform but don’t want to have to deal with the bright colours of Casushi or the ancient civilisations theme of Fruit Kings, Peachy Games might be a better choice for you. It comes with virtually all the same content as its sister sites, but it’s far quieter about it. There’s no visible theme whatsoever to the aesthetic of Peachy Games, and the design of the homepage is minimalist.

The less complicated design of Peachy Games makes it easier for the casino’s games portfolio to stand out. You might not know from looking, for example, that there are bingo games at the Peachy Games sister sites, but at Peachy Games, they’re listed in plain sight. Each of the games on the homepage is helpfully tagged to identify what’s new and what’s hot, and the user interface is generally a delight. It’s not an especially unique casino because it’s so basic in its appearance, but what it lacks in sizzle, it makes up for in steak.

Play Sunny

Play Sunny logo
The idea of a beach holiday might not be the most original concept for the theme of an online casino – there are probably more than one hundred entries in this particular genre – but if iGaming has taught us anything, it’s that there’s always room for one more so long as it’s well-executed. Play Sunny might look more solid than it does spectacular, but you won’t find anybody arguing that it doesn’t look well executed. The official Play Sunny motto is “Only the hottest games.” We’re not sure it’s stayed true to that – there’s some chaff in its games portfolio among all the wheat – but there are certainly plenty of great games available.

Play Sunny has the same weakness as all the Play Sunny sister sites – it doesn’t do enough in terms of promotions to interest players who can’t get into a casino if they’re not offered loyalty rewards or additional extras to keep them interested. As such, it could be considered a “stripped back” casino even when compared to the likes of Casushi, which is itself a fairly weak iGaming site when it comes to bonuses. If you’re fine to go without promotions, though, you’ll probably also be fine with Play Sunny.

Bingo Stars

Bingo Stars logo
When Bingo Stars came along in late 2022, it was presented with an unenviable task – it was introduced as a replacement for Bingo Stars, which was a long-serving and popular bingo site on the Dazzletag Entertainment Limited platform. The reason that Dazzletag Entertainment gave for the closure of Bingo Cams was that the company wanted to update and upgrade the software that underpins its websites, and the age of Bingo Cams meant that it simply wasn’t possible to apply the upgrade. We’re not quite so sure that’s all there was to it.

The niche of Bingo Cams was that players could if they chose to, switch their webcams on and chat to each other while playing. That was a neat idea until 2020, when circumstances meant that almost all human interaction took place through a webcam rather than in-person, and the idea lost all of its novelty and quite a lot of its appeal. Whatever the reason, Bingo Stars is a modern-looking bingo site with friendly chat hosts and aims to replace every aspect of the old Bingo Cams site save for the webcam functionality, which has been abandoned.

Full list of Dazzletag Entertainment Limited casinos

  • Bingo Cams (Live)
  • Bingo Stars (Live)
  • Casushi (Live)
  • Fruit Kings (Live)
  • My Jackpot Casino (Closed)
  • Peachy Games (Live)
  • Play Sunny (Live)